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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. pollux37

    pollux37 Nov 20, 2018

    Hi All,

    pollux37 here! I got into watches just after college, starting with a Casio DW5600E. One thing led to another, and several watches later I now find myself the owner of a 3570.50 Speedmaster.

    Looking forward to participating on the forums here and learning more about both Omega and the larger world of watches!
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  2. vbrad26

    vbrad26 Nov 20, 2018

    Please feel free to post any related Simpsons references as well.
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  3. pollux37

    pollux37 Nov 21, 2018

    Thanks! With pleasure :cool:.
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  4. valkyrie_rider

    valkyrie_rider Nov 27, 2018

    Hello there

    My name is A. Cavalcanti, I'm a software engineer living in the SF Bay Area (California) and enjoy riding motorcycles and collecting mechanical watches.

    I got started a couple years ago with a Seiko Stargate (SKZ329), followed by a Tissot PRC100 (Valjoux 7750) chronograph.

    A few years and watches later, this year I got a Longines Legend Diver (on a Staib mesh) and got bitten by the Omega bug with a Speedmaster Mark 40th bluedial.

    I enjoy reading about horology, both the history as also the technical aspects of it, I guess because I work with software I admire the intrinsic beauty of mechanical watches (and motorcycles) and the craft that goes on building them.

    Looking forward to contribute to the forum and learn from the community.

    Best regards

    stargate01.jpg side.jpg triple_date06.jpg
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  5. 3nicewatches

    3nicewatches Nov 28, 2018

    Newbie to the forum – been observing for a while. Here’s my watch story…

    I’ve always been into watches. In the late 70s I was the first person at school to get a digital watch (a six million dollar man LED watch no less…the battery lasted like 5 minutes, ha!). After that I always preferred analog over digital (although, not exclusively), but never anything expensive. Then my wife got me a G-shock, followed a little later by a nice (by my standards then) Citizen Eco-Drive. As my 40th birthday approached my wife said “you should get a nice watch”. So, we went to a Tourneau and looked at pretty much every brand you can think of. Nothing was really doing it for me and we were literally walking out the door when something finally caught my eye. It turned out to be an Omega Speedmaster triple date (top left of my avatar). That became my daily watch for the next decade and I still love it just as much (it’s in for a service now – it’s first one – and I really miss it). But getting that Speedy did not make me a hardened “watch guy”. However, as the big 5-0 approached, my wife said you should get another nice watch (boy, I love my wife!). Shortly after the big day we were in San Diego for a weekend and by chance were in a mall that had an OB. We browsed, and I saw a dark Speedmaster that was really cool (I had no idea what it was). Later I Googled it and discovered it was the DSOTM. A few weeks later I bought one, and for some reason this flipped a watch-obsession switch in my head. I then mentioned to my wife that I think my collection would be complete by a third watch, a simple three hander, and had my eye on an Aqua Terra. You guessed it – once again, she encouraged it! We were recently in Las Vegas (as you probably know, the strip is heaven for watch lovers – has almost every boutique and AD you can think of). I saw the Omega ATs in person and loved them, but then happened to browse in a window of the Blancpain boutique (a brand I knew nothing about). My wife and I simultaneously set eyes on one watch and said “wow, that’s beautiful” – it’s the watch at bottom of my avatar, and I also posted a wrist picture here (hope I posted the link correctly):

    I gave myself the "3nicewatches" name for the forum in the hope that it will deter me from getting a fourth. Can’t fail, right?

    Anyway, this forum is great. I’ve learned so much from Archer’s posts in particular, but also many others. Looking forward to reading more.
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  6. SpeedyPhill

    SpeedyPhill asked ages ago but no longer interested Dec 1, 2018

    No introduction but rather a farewell as next year it will be 25 years since I bought my first Omega Speedmaster
    Also celebrating 2.5 years MoonwatchUniverse... it has been great fun, thx to all !
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  7. hugo2703

    hugo2703 Dec 1, 2018

    Hi there,

    Hugo based in London here.

    Love Omega and have had Ploprof, Yachttimers and Soccer Timers and would love to add many more!

    See you on the forum
  8. AJF

    AJF Dec 3, 2018

    Anders, hailing from the very south of Sweden.
    Been into watches for, give or take, three years - been into vintage watches for the better part of that!
    I've thought about joining OF for quite some time, but just never got around to it, until now.

    In keeping with the name of the community I thought I'd post my current Omegas here.
    More to come in all the other threads! :)




  9. StephBZH

    StephBZH Dec 3, 2018

    Hello, thank you for welcoming me.

    I am Stéphane, based in France.

    I fell in love with Connie Pie Pan and I am looking to buy a model.

    But I admit that by reading you, I remain a little paralyzed because this watch suffers from a lot of manipulations.

    I've read a lot here and at Desmond's, but I'm far from an expert.

    Hoping to learn more.

    Thank you.


    PS: and sorry for my very bad english!
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  10. JLCman

    JLCman Dec 4, 2018

    Hi all...

    Roland from Ol‘Germany here. Professional copywriter and journalist. Long time lurker with a rapidly growing interest in the iconic Speedmaster. Though I‘m quite new on Omegas I‘m no watch newbie. Enjoying mechanical watches from JLC, Rolex, Heuer, etc. since years and years - besides old cars, tasty wines, and everything else which gives life an additional quality ;-)
    Happy to be here, and learning each and every day from you guys...

    317F9CFA-925B-4B77-9A5B-23A8E9B53596.jpeg DEF4A1FE-E068-4B0B-B6C4-0945DB8CCEFF.jpeg 558E03BF-AC23-4889-8716-77EC091785C6.jpeg 5313ACB9-D7B1-4ED0-A5D2-4B259BE6866E.jpeg
  11. JLCman

    JLCman Dec 4, 2018

    Oops, forgot this one...

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  12. kev1976t

    kev1976t Dec 15, 2018

    Good evening

    Kev, 42 living in Dublin

    I saved up a few years ago, to buy a Seamaster Aqua Terra, since then I have bought several Omega vintage wrist and pocket watches.

    Been lurking on here for a week or two, seems like a cool site.
  13. fastfras

    fastfras Dec 21, 2018

    New guy here, just starting to find my way around the site and hope to be a contributor as well learn at the same time.

    My name is Fraser, a newly retired field geologist working primarily in exploration. I have many interests, one which happens to be horology. Own a bunch of watches yet would like to reduce and refine the collection. Omega happens to be a the top of my watch list so I'm hoping I'll fit within this group of like minded souls.
  14. golfsky

    golfsky Dec 28, 2018

    Steve in Denver CO. Have always loved watches. Have my great grandfathers pocket watch he carried on a ship from Sweden in the late 1800s.
    Currently own an Omega Seamaster, see avatar.
  15. AZ308GTS

    AZ308GTS Dec 28, 2018

    Hello everyone, Kurtis C. here. It seems to me that the proper thing to do is to make my first post on the introductory page.
    I work for the Secretary of State in Arizona, fly r/c airplanes (AMA District 10 AVP), race a Lola Formula Ford, gotta 40 year old Ferrari, too many guitars and a Omega Constellation. I have a bunch of low budget watches as well but love them all. I’m on the lookout for a vintage Longines and a Tag Heuer as my next additions.

    I hope to have some fun here, learn some things and share what I can.

    8E1EEDE8-6608-420B-A668-F3A84590AAF0.jpeg 03F4B296-5DD7-4384-B1CF-247017E30F6B.jpeg 83398B4D-599F-490C-A1C8-2E74FA9CD5FD.jpeg
  16. DW5

    DW5 Dec 28, 2018

    I’m David from Charlottesville, VA. I’m currently in medical school and racking up debt like nobody’s business, so no new watches for a while. I first became interested in watches after buying a humongous Invicta and swearing to never become interested in buying watches over $150, but I’m here now whether I like it or not. My dream watch is a pulsations dial Heuer Carerra and I really like King Seikos. Here’s my collection so far. FBFCEBF3-1134-4111-A860-490EC55EC1A7.jpeg 57AC1464-90BE-4798-954A-9178D5C4E3DA.jpeg 226BC3E8-3D60-477F-9FEF-1B33A7B5F4D6.jpeg 98E0DF32-6508-49A4-9ECF-E1348AC4905A.jpeg
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  17. beach bum

    beach bum Dec 29, 2018

    Hello all.

    My name is John R. 43 years old, and I live in Athens, Greece. A product design degree did not prove very useful over here. Currently working at a classic car rental company but will soon move to an embassy were I landed a driver job.
    I am a hoarder of anything old. My main interest is classic cars but I love vintage watches, older Vespas, vintage hi-fi, airplanes, furniture, you name it.
    I bought a moon watch when I turned 30. It was the only "new" watch I ever wanted. I intend to pass it to my son who is now 6 years old.

    I have a collection of lesser swiss watches mainly from the 50s and 60s by companies like Technos, Wittnauer, Delbana, Oris etc.
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  18. Maddog1970

    Maddog1970 Jan 1, 2019

    Newb here, well to Omega anyway....
    Been a watchaholic for sometime, current collection is Seiko heavy with a number of Tuna (golden reissue, Darth, Emporer, Spring Drive), a green MM300 plus some other dabbling - Zenith, Damasko, Mühle Glashütte, Tudor, Nomos, Panerai, Sinn, etc.

    Been a Omega fan for a while, but always distracted by others.....

    Then just after Xmas I stumbled, as one does late at night with beer in hand, on a sweet PO45 with the 8500 inerds.....I plunked down the PayPal and bingo, 2 days later, Omega owner....

    The case needed some time with a cap COD and the Ceramic bezel has some transfer from impacts, but nothing a mr clean magic eraser wouldn’t move...

    So here I am, now the proud owner of a previously owned 3yr old Planet Ocean!

    Oh, 48, married, expat living in u may see my pup in my pics!
  19. denvro

    denvro Jan 4, 2019


    My name is Dennis and I live in the Netherlands. I've been a fan of mechanical watches my whole life. And especially a fan of (vintage) Omega watches. I'm new to omegaforums but I'm a pretty active member of a Dutch watch forum. So now it's time to spread my wings and spend some time here as well ;)

    My non-Omega collection
    Seiko SKX007 (upgraded with creamic bezel, double domed sapphire, high end jubilee)
    Seiko 5 - SNZH57 (modded to a FiftyFive Fathoms)
    Seiko Sumo - SBDC033 (blue version also called Blumo)

    My Omega's
    Omega Speedmaster Professional (145.022-69ST, cal 861, 1175 bracelet, straight writing caseback, year 1971)
    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 45mm (2200.51.00, cal Omega 2500, orange 'oyster' hourmarkers black bezel)
    Omega Constellation C-Shape (168.029, cal 751, fluted white gold bezel, looking for the 1040/518 'brick' bracelet)

    Picture of the trio

    In my free time I like to mod and service mechanical watches.

    More photos of me and my watches can be found on my Instagram
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  20. garryboy

    garryboy Jan 10, 2019

    Hi to all. I'm Garry from Glasgow Scotlandf.

    Great forum. Spent loads of time drooling over watches here before finally purchasing my first every speedy moon watch. Bought new from the Omega Boutique in Glasgow Scotland .

    Literally over the moon with it . Can stop picking it up looking at it and more importantly wearing it .Unfortunately cant wear a wrist watch to work being a nurse but gets worn at every opportunity.

    Looking at getting a leather strap for it also but don't know where to look .I'm sure I will find some great recommendations on here .

    Anyway here it is. Ref 311.

    20190110_152229.jpg 20190110_151424.jpg
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