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  1. Mr.H

    Mr.H Sep 25, 2016

    Hopefully someone can date the sets from the gold ... the type-face used on the watch is obviously later
  2. gatorcpa

    gatorcpa ΩF InvestiGator Staff Member Sep 25, 2016

    Gold coins are all pre-WWII. Most countries stopped making gold for circulation in the the 1930's. Banks kept them around for reserves and the US Government had billions of dollars in gold coins at the mint and in Ft. Knox.
  3. rcs914

    rcs914 Sep 26, 2016

    Yep - he replied the same thing to me directly as well. I was trying to understand from his post and how the USS Hornet got upgrades, etc. if he was saying that it was possible that the kits were upgraded. I am assuming that is the case from what @Foo2rama posted.

    I was thinking of replying with something like "So if someone opened a sealed box of rifles that were marked 1943, except the box was filled with M16s, what are the chances that the box was indeed sealed in 1943?"
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  4. Foo2rama

    Foo2rama Keeps his worms in a ball instead of a can. Sep 26, 2016

    Yeah basically what I was going to say until I accidentally deleted my response.
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  5. dsio

    dsio Ash @ ΩF Staff Member Sep 27, 2016

    Had a long chat with John and he's actually a decent bloke, I think its more different perspectives than anything else, John accepts the watch is a 1960s watch but that the kits are in fact WW2 era kits as the paperwork and records tends to indicate that and the watches are a bit of a mystery likely known only to whoever handled them during their time in military hands.

    Although from a watch collector perspective original is defined as how it left the factory, it sounds more like for militaria collectors original is more often defined as how it left the military's ownership or custody rather that the factory that made it, due to the habit of the military upgrading or retrofitting parts or components. My only guess is the watches were added later while in the service but the records from the actual auction where they were sold indicate that these 60s era watches were definitely in the kit at that time of sale (when it left military hands) which is why from his point of view as someone who is interested in the military significance of it, the watch becomes part of the kit even if it were not originally due to it being present as it exited the service.

    Now once again, that standard is not the standard watch collectors typically apply, none of us care what the first owner did to a watch (unless its something cool and significant) but are only interested in factory original spec, but that appears to be where the major difference of opinion lies.

    The current Milus brand did buy two of John's kits and independently of him their former CEO released a new watch based on the ones they bought complete with marketing stating that it was in homage to a 1940s watch, really it seems to just be a marketing exercise by the brand to sell watches based on what they thought was a cool angle and its their fault they didn't crack open the watches and notice what was inside before they made those claims.

    But yea the auction documents which I've seen do confirm at the time the watches were sold at auction they did contain these 60s Milus watches and that the kits were definitely WW2 orders, so however they got there it happened while they were in the service.
  6. soybeanwatch

    soybeanwatch Sep 30, 2016

    Nice watch, how much do they go for??
  7. Sanmilc

    Sanmilc Oct 5, 2016

    I contacted Milus (I´m not sure if someone else did the same) and this was their answer:

    "Hello Sir,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    The Life Barter Kit was produced by the former Milus company whose doors closed in 1999.

    Unfortunately the memorabilia of those interesting watches and their history is very scarce and we can no longer assist you.

    The son of the founder of Milus which started the company in 1919 passed away a few years ago.

    Best regards


    Rte de Reuchenette 19

    CH - 2502 Biel-Bienne

    Phone: +41(0) 32 344 39 39"