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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. Tik-Tok of Oz

    Tik-Tok of Oz Aug 15, 2017

    Welcome and bonus points for the Acura :thumbsup:
  2. Dr. Robotnik

    Dr. Robotnik Aug 16, 2017

    Hi all, this is a looooong overdue introduction, as I've been reading--and learning from--you fine folks for a long time now. I started my collection many years ago with an Oysterquartz left to me by a dear family friend and since then have only rarely ventured out of vintage. Most of my buying has focused on the usual suspects like Omega (duh!) and Longines but really I buy what speaks to me--and to my wallet, which right now means still (somehow!) undervalued brands like Eterna (love Kontikis), Enicar (waiting on my Sherpa to arrive from another forum member!), and Zodiac (also got my Aerospace GMT from a forum member).

    Also, I'm an economic historian by trade, so I'm especially drawn to the many fascinating histories of firms and the industry ::book::

    Of course, what would a first post on OF be without an O? My Seamaster 30 on mesh :thumbsup:
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  3. javelin343

    javelin343 Aug 17, 2017

    I am a new member here and consider myself basically watchless. I have been much more conscious of watches as of late and I really want to have a nicer watch for social and work events. My grandfather had an Omega watch but I have no idea what became of it. I love the classics and currently own a 1968 AMC Javelin so I am drawn towards vintage watches.

    I am a total watch newbie but I am trying to learn. This forum seems like a huge wealth of knowledge so I have decided to stop lurking and actually join.

    It has been very challenging just browsing watches for sale. I saw a beautiful 50's Omega Seamaster that I really fell in love with. It had a perfect crystal and beautiful black dial, unfortunately after reading things here it seems that it is over restored and is not actually a classic at all. I think it is going to be very difficult to find what I am looking for. I am on somewhat of a budget but I have seen a substantial amount of older omegas within my range. I will keep an eye out here in the classifieds.

    Are there any other places that have good Buy Sell Trade sections? Ebay?

    Thanks for the space!!
  4. DaveR

    DaveR Aug 22, 2017

    Greetings all,

    I've been lurking for a while now and finally decided to start posting. Long story short, I like watches but, I guess that goes without saying. Despite the fact that I can't really afford all the watches I'd like, it never hurts to keep learning.

    I am hoping to acquire a Speedy Pro at some point in time. That point in time will likely closely follow my winning the lottery :) My personal grail would be a 145.022 from 1970.

    Probably the biggest reason I don't have more watches is my other hobby. See avatar pic :)

    Anyways, looking forward to learning more about Omega's and specifically the Speedy Pro

  5. darylns

    darylns Aug 22, 2017

    Hey all!

    New to the forum and watches in general I suppose. Mainly because I've only started a career in the last 3 years.

    First watch I bought was a Bulova Precisionist Champlain (98B142) to celebrate getting my career job.
    Followed that up with a Tag Heuer Formula One Red Bull Edition (CAZ1018) to celebrate getting married.
    Lastly, moved into the world of mechanical/automatic watches with a Seiko Prospex Turtle Blue Lagoon (SRPB11) to be a beater for vacations (love to snorkel and dive).

    Looking forward to learning more about Omega and other brands as my collection grows while being here on the forum!
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  6. pfc123

    pfc123 Aug 28, 2017

    Hello everyone, my first post on here. I've been looking for a Seamaster Pro Chromometer (2598.20) for about a year now, and my choice has been quite limited mainly due to the white dial being a major requirement. It seems to me that only about 1 in 10 are white, so it's taken a while to get the right one, but at last I'm aboard the Omega ownership train! I got it last Thursday from a chap in Surrey, and I'm very pleased with it. I need to get it serviced as it was last done in July 2012 according to the date written on the inside of the cover, and theres a very good independant specialist here in Portsmouth who can do it for about £250 all in apparently. It loses about six seconds a day, which doesn't seem to be too bad, and it's condition overall is pretty good I think. It has some minor blue paint loss on a couple of the bezel numbers which I'd like to get redone, but other than that it's mint. The serial number (486xxxxx) seems to date it around 1984 though- is this too early for one of these watches? I didn't think they made them that far back? The movement has the same number though so it looks genuine. Paperwork is following which might give a clue I suppose. I'm amazed at the intensity of the red markers in sunlight, and the luminosity is superb at night, so it may have had a replacement face and hands at some point. Anyway, I've finally got one and it does make me feel a million dollars when wearing it, so to say I'm happy is an understatement!
    IMG_1472.JPG IMG_1473.JPG
  7. ryanbk

    ryanbk Aug 31, 2017

    Hi all.
    I have been a watch guy since 2012 when I bought my first serious watch. A ploprof 1200 that was just such a great and different watch. It was also heavily discounted from the local AD which helped quite a bit [emoji6]
    The ploprof has since left the box a long time ago as my interest slowly but very steadily has drifted towards the vintage stuff.
    Right now only 2 modern pieces in the collection (a Rolex 14060 from 2006 and a Rolex Explorer I from 2008 - those are birth year watches for my children to have in time (if they behave [emoji4])).
    My collection isn't particularly focused as there are so many watches that I find attractive across the palate.
    I try to buy the best possible specimens (condition, condition, condition I think someone wisely said at some point in the past) and buy what I like and not so much what's fashionable at any given time, and what I can afford [emoji6]
    I am 43 years old, MD, married, 2 wonderful kids, good friends, into watches, food and wine, photography, golf, hunting, diving, pretty much a lover of all good things [emoji4]
    In this great forum I'm mainly reading more than I'm writing. But I'll try to contribute to the best of my abilities.
    Below I've attached a few of my favorite pieces.
    All the best, Ryan

  8. Sublime_1

    Sublime_1 Sep 2, 2017

    Hello everybody! My name is Craig, I live in Missouri and work in Cyber Security. I'm an engineer by education so I love all things mechanical, especially small mechanical devices. Hence a love for watches that I have had since I was a child.
    I'm not a purist or a brand specific collector although Omega is my favorite and I enjoy a manual wind movement over all others. My most most prized possession is my Moonwatch that my wife gave me for our 10th. I have 2 dozenish pieces in my collection with a few fashion watches that have been given to me over the years for various Birth, Father's and Christmas Day gifts. However, in the last few years I've decided to only buy Swiss watches from brands that have been in operation more than 100 years.
    I currently have my eye on several pieces with some questions before I buy but I'll save those for another post.

    Cheers everyone!
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  9. sdre

    sdre Sep 2, 2017

    Guess I have been in the forums but I haven't introduced myself!

    I'm Tan, I think folks tend to just call me by my surname. I'm a physical education teacher, ACE qualified instructor. Been in the education line for close to 10 years. Was a banker before that but hated the environment and shit products that banks make us sell.... (well that's another story)

    I'm married to my love for close to 3 years now. We are trying for a child =) I live in Singapore but did my degree in Adelaide, South Australia.

    I do lots of sports, rugby being my favorite. Stopped playing now cause wife is really against it (getting concussed in front of her at the stands probably scared her shitless)

    I been into watches for about 2 years now, started with a 93 speedmaster with tritium dial, then moved into rolex for a while, 116610LN best diver watch I have own Imo. But it's abit pricey for my daily work. Consolidated with my sla017, speedypro and tudor black bay at the moment.

    Just put on my black bay again, and started to fall in love with it it. Such a nice flat watch.

    Thanks OF for having me!
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  10. jalfreem

    jalfreem Sep 9, 2017


    I'm new to Omega forums. I've been on another forum for a couple of years, and after listening to Time 4 a Pint podcast, and hearing about the UG community and the general good nature of the forum, I thought I would join and learn. I don't have much collecting experience other than I have owned and sold a Rolex Explorer 214270, a Tudor Black Bay Blue ETA, a Nomos Orion, a Seiko Sarb033, a Squale 20 atmos, a Steinhart OV1, and a Stowa Antea. I currently own a G Shock 5600, a Seiko SKX007 and 009.
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  11. jalfreem

    jalfreem Sep 9, 2017

    I'm also into personal finance and am working to become financially independent. So, I'm embracing that goal, and letting go of watches as my obsessive hobby. If I want to reach that goal, I know that the watches that I want are not possible. Yet once free, I can buy the watch or watches that I can be satisfied with. I tend to be more philosophical on my threads, especially about how the "luxury" watch industry is leaving behind the majority of the demographic who would have purchased their watches, but I would like to learn more about Omega and the reasons for why collectors enjoy them.
  12. dncka

    dncka Oct 1, 2017

    Hi All,

    Been a bit of lurker for some time. Used the forum when I was looking up on my Planet Ocean Seamaster and then a 1960s Seamaster.

    I've been "collecting" for the last few years and range from the affordable vintage Seiko, Bulovas, to the obligatory getting a proper job/promotion/bonus etc. Omega and Rolex. Quite happy with my small collection, but I think a speedmaster is needed, especially seeing the recent launches by Omega.
  13. river rat

    river rat Oct 1, 2017

    I don't remember doing a introduction. I worked for a city doing park maintenance and was a certified arborist and worked on various crews medians, tree crew, out side parks and worked up to being in charge of my own crew until I retired from that job some years ago. And did 4 years active duty US Navy and the rest in the in the Naval reserve for 22 years until I retired from that. I moved from Calif. to Montana and live in a very small town now good not to deal with Calif. traffic any more. Been collecting watches and clocks since I first bought a Hamilton 992 pocket watch from a pawn shop in 1986 and my Dad gave me my Granddads Waltham Hunter case pocket watch with a cool elk engraved on one of the covers given to him on his 21 birthday in 1906 and I was off and running in this watch addiction. I collect mainly vintage wristwatches and military timepieces of any kind clock ,wristwatch or pocket watches now. But I started collecting pocket watches and a few clocks when I first got into this hobby but dropped a pocket watch on concrete and went another way weird how you change direction in this hobby wristwatches don't drop when on the wrist . I have slowed down prices on the vintage wristwatches and military issued timepieces have been going up in price so harder to find deals.
    Edited Oct 1, 2017
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  14. Mmike1357

    Mmike1357 Oct 5, 2017

    Hello everyone! I joined the forum after having my first Omega for a few months. In July I bought a new blue dialstainless steel Planet Ocean, I'm convinced, now I want more Omegas!
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  15. peire06

    peire06 Oct 7, 2017

    Rishi, your dad is nice!
  16. StupotStokie

    StupotStokie Oct 14, 2017

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been a lurker for a while, and have finally taken the plunge!
    I am a chartered quantity surveyor and work for a large German discount retailer in the UK (guess who....).
    I have a Seamaster GMT 50 year edition and a Speedy (photos attached).
    I would like to build a vintage Omega collection and feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I browse through the sale forums!
    My other love (aswell as Omega watches) is Stoke City FC hence my name.

    IMG_3683.JPG IMG_3684.JPG
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  17. Henri68

    Henri68 Oct 15, 2017

    After more than one year wandering on this forum, it is time for me to introduce myself :

    I am a young one in my mid twenties. I have been loving mechanical watches for years, lurking for Seiko and owning an Orient.
    Then I started to work and got some money, so I bought an Orient Start during a trip.

    Sometimes after, I wanted something more "swiss" as a mechanical watch, so I have been looking everywhere : Sinn, Nomos, Omega, Tissot...
    But no crush and always very expensive.
    Until I thought about vintages watches and the second hand market, then I saw some wonderful seamaster for a mere 500$.
    I quickly jumped on a cheap Constellation for 300$ but redialed (didn't care much and didn't know at that time), but it looks really nice and it is still my daily beater.
    Then I got a bit too hungry and bought some GUB, Nivada, one more constellation and a Breitling. I like them all but some need to be fixed...

    Let's say now, I go full vintage as I find amazing that these little mechanical things still work after 50 years or more... What else last that long ?

    I recently switched life and moved to Taipei (Taiwan), I do not know much about the local market for vintage watches and seems not as developed as in Japan.. So if you have information, please share them :)
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  18. fwright00

    fwright00 Oct 20, 2017

    New member here. Surgeon, getting bitten by the automatic watch bug. Started with an Oak and Oscar Burnham a few years ago (really liked the style), but that's in the shop already. Have a Seiko SKX007 diver which I like as a rough and tumble daily watch but after some time in direct sun and 110+ degree heat in Afghanistan it started running ridiculously fast (picks up 1-2 minutes a day). Ready to expand to the big leagues. Looking at 145.022-78 Speedy but also really liked the Dark Side of the Moon Speedy. Also have a JLC obsession, seriously considering a MUT Moonphase but like the Reverso as well. Wish I could get them all, so hard to choose.
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  19. Honza

    Honza Oct 24, 2017

    Hi, thought it would be a wise to join a group of people who are passionate about omega watches. Waiting for my PO to come.
    I have been living in Hawaii for past 12 years. If anyone is coming over let me know and we can talk about watches.
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  20. Nicolaus

    Nicolaus Oct 24, 2017

    Hi everyone!

    Well..not easy to do an introduction but, i'll do my best :)
    Several months I'm observing the Forum and finally i've found the right time to write first time..deep deep in the night!

    Working in Hotel business (that means: zero life, zero friends, many travels and some watches!) and moving from time to time to new destinations!
    I'm actually based in Tbilisi exploring the Georgian colture: food, wine and again food...ok...maybe a need a diet already :(

    I started being in love with watches at the age of 6 ( my first watch was a DIGIROBO) and since's disaster!! :D

    More or less..well, that's it :) :)
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