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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. Isac

    Isac Oct 24, 2017


    Been lurking for quite some time already, so it's about time I got signed up and posting :)

    I have a passion for mechanical watches, science, space, and exploration. Come to think of it, I find it a bit surprising that I haven't focused on Omega before now. Oh well... there is still plenty of time to learn, and I think that Omega (and specifically the Speedmaster), will be my next focus of interest. I have a lot to learn, and I'm looking forward to the journey! :D
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  2. lhs1978

    lhs1978 Oct 24, 2017


    I'm Lee, a 38-year-old photographer. I was born and raised in the UK but have been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past four years with my wife, Steph and daughter Chloe.

    I purchased my first Omega watch earlier this year - a Speedmaster with ref: 3570.50.00. I'm now looking to buy a birth year watch with ref 145.022.76.

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  3. Looneytoons

    Looneytoons Oct 26, 2017

    Hello Omega Forum!

    I though I was past due on an intro so here goes:

    My name is Jonathan, age 60, semi retired. I live in the Greater Los Angeles area, married with 4 daughters ( 3 grown step-daughters). My youngest is 14 and a freshman in high school.
    My interest in vintage watches started in my early 20's when I worked a year in a high end jewelry shop in Beverly Hills, California.
    We sold to many hi-profile celebrities, and carried brands like Baume-Mercier and Corum. I can't recall that we carried Omega but I think not.
    A few blingy Rolex.
    I do own one vintage watch, and circa 1970 Baume-Mercier Baumatic. Ref 35082.
    9-26-17 phone dump 072.jpg
    It's overdue for a service, and maybe some dial work. I'll wait on the service until after the So Cal GTG in November.

    I plan to buy a vintage Omega in the next year or less, probably a mid 60's Seamaster with a 565 movement. Stainless please with BOR bracelet.
    I also love Seikos, mid-century design, and art-deco watches.
    Thanks to the OF for hosting such a great place to come and learn and meet other watch geeks.
    Oh, yes, my avatar and screen name reflect an un-natural obsession with Warner Bros cartoons from the 30's -60's.
    Is is sacrilege here to say I plan to buy a character watch or 3 to feed this obsession?
  4. saulgoodman

    saulgoodman Oct 27, 2017

    I'm Saul. My interest in watches started when I received a manual wind watch for Christmas back in the day. I lost that watch a year later, but I never lost my interest in timepieces. Those were the days when the Space race was about to reach its peak with the first moon landing. I remember as a kid reading an article about the Astronauts. They all drove Corvettes, and they all wore Speedmasters (well, most of them anyway). There were no bigger heroes for a nine year old boy than the crews that were part of the Apollo program. Back then, a Corvette and a Speedmaster were as unreachable for me as the moon. Years later I crossed both of those things off of my bucket list. The Corvette is long gone, but the Speedmaster is still with me. It is my daily watch and a treasured piece.

    I have more time on my hands these days so I can give myself the luxury of joining a forum like this one to hopefully enrich myself about horology and perhaps other things. I look forward to my time here.
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  5. gtrdtom

    gtrdtom Nov 2, 2017

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm not really sure if I posted this correctly, but anyway here it goes...

    My name is James and I'm just new here. Great community by the way and I hope I'm pretty much welcome here.
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  6. broadstreetbully

    broadstreetbully Nov 10, 2017

    Hello Folks,

    Bought my first Omega at the end of August/beginning of September this year; an 8500 Planet Ocean Titanium. I've been working a lot of overtime lately and I'm itching to get another watch. For a few weeks, I was thinking I was going to get a BLNR, but now I'm leaning towards getting a Speedmaster to add to the Omega wing of my collection.

    See ya around,
  7. Risto

    Risto Nov 22, 2017

    Hello forum!

    My name is Risto, I am from Estonia. I work as a web and graphic designer.
    I discovered world of vintage watches just couple of years ago.

    I guess it's because I was born in 1980 in Soviet Union and common people could not afford nor buy any foreign watches.
    Of course, USSR had theirs, but I don't know anything about that. I guess I have some negative experiences with everything from Soviet time.

    Anyway, I discovered one day that vintage watches look cool.
    I dug into the internet and ... the rest is history.
    I like the design of watches from 1950s-80s.
    Modern watches seem less interesting, because it feels like it's all been done before.

    My first watches were bought from eBay and Auctionata.
    These were: Omega Constellation cal 564 SS (196x), noname chronograph Suisse (1950), Technos chronograph (1955).
    They were OK, kept time well, but did not really felt them. No connection.
    Loved the Omega. But I sold it. It had some little dial damages. I'd love to have mint condition conny one day.

    I love chronographs.
    And I also like watches that have that special element.
    I had Omega Speedmaster Automatic from 1999. Felt good, but I always thought it's missing something (PRO) :) Sold it.
    I had Sinn 156 Lemania 5100. Awesome watch. Heavy. Great design. Precise. Regret selling it.
    I had Zenith 146HP Chronograph from 1985. Should not have bought it, because I don't care for gold watches. It had transparent rear cover. The movement looked fantastic though. I'd love to have 146HP or similar caliber Zenith one day. Or El Primero original.
    I also had one Zenith dress watch. Unique dial. But it was not my style.

    At the moment I own:
    - Longines Ultra-Chron cal 431 from 1967. Design is so-so, but it works so good. I think last time I checked, it ran +/- 2 sec per day or smth. And the movement looks great.
    - Hamilton Khaki Automatic from early 2000s. Good overall watch, nice military feel. Got it for cheap. My brother wears it.
    - Seiko SKX007. 1 year old. Daily beater. Not modded. Yet.

    I recently discovered Citizen and Seiko.
    Would love to own Grand Seiko one day.
    I've bought two nice Citizens that I hope never to sell.

    Citizen Diamond Flake (1965).
    Beautiful dress watch. It had thinnest movement (2,75mm) for 3 hand watch in 1962.
    Sunburst dial. Minimalistic. Wears so good.
    More info:

    Citizen "bullhead" Chronograph 67-9356 (1980).
    It's kind of poor-man's "Paul Newman" :) But it's so unique in it's own. Great design. Nice weight and perfect size.
    I love it and I want to wear it every day.
    If I'd ever buy Speedmaster Pro, then I'd have hard time deciding which one to wear. But, until then... this one is on my wrist.
    More info:

    So, whenever I have time, I read about all kind of watches.
    And it's cool that you don't have to spend thousands or more to get interesting ones. citizen-1.jpg citizen-2.jpg citizen-3.jpg citizen-4.jpg DSCF1294.JPG DSCF2523.JPG DSCF2524.JPG IMG_0875.JPG IMG_0899.JPG

    Some photos.
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  8. SouthernScot

    SouthernScot Nov 22, 2017

    Hello Risto and welcome, that’s some introduction, avatar, background and some very nice photos. I’m sure you’ll fit in here just fine and enjoy yourself.

  9. Risto

    Risto Nov 22, 2017

    Thanks! I've been reader in OF for a year now and I do enjoy the place.
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  10. wildcat465

    wildcat465 Nov 22, 2017

    Hello, my name is Patrick. I negotiate contracts for an Airline. I live in Arizona with my wife and two cats.

    My watches are a 60s Hamilton Pacer and a late model Rolex Day-Date. My next watch will be an Omega Grand Luxe and I look forward to learning about Omegas and how to spot a good one for my next purchase.
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  11. lustrousaurus

    lustrousaurus Nov 22, 2017

    Finally stopped lurking. Hello I am Shawn.

    Been an Omega fan for quite sometime. My dad had a white 120m Seamaster Chronometer (in service now) while growing up and all I knew was I was going to get an Omega. I remember the day my dad brought home a blue triple date Speedy auto and the complications in that watch was overbearing. I also remember the hunt for an OEM Alligator strap for his Omega Dynamic.

    So I guess you can say, this is an Omega family (though, we do have some other watch brands).

    Zoom forward, I get into watches. Like I actually researching watches. I graduated college, I got the job, now I was determined to get a white Omega. My intentions were to kill two birds with one stone and get a white Speedmaster. That eventually lead me to the Snoopy, where I went to the boutique (quite intimidating at first) and asked if they had any Snoopys. Of course, I was given the hearty chuckle and they helped me find alternatives (such as the FOIS, Speedy Reduced). I tried on a pro and got a feel of the dimensions and that was that. I wanted one.

    I then found my way on eBay (I know, very risky), stumbled upon an Alaska Project. Initially got turned off at such a high price to pay for a watch. I let that one go...several months later, a second calling, another Alaska Project! After many back and forth communication with the seller and offers, I got it! My white Omega, a dream come true! That went in for servicing several weeks ago and my dad's Seamaster 120m went in for servicing a few weeks prior to that.

    My greatest accomplishment was nabbing that Speedy Tuesday. I woke up at 5:30 for work and gave the familiar "double look". Did I really need another Speedmaster? I let it sit in the back of my head for an hour then decided to reserve. And I'm grateful that they chose me to receive the first Speedy Tuesday in the US. Such a great experience and why I am forever loyal to this brand!

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully not too long of an intro!
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  12. Skyjack

    Skyjack Nov 30, 2017

    Hello OF,

    Long time lurker, returned to watchcollecting 3,5 years ago after a 20 years dry spell. Started with modern watches, but more and more into vintage; mostly Tissot, Certina, Longines and Squale.
    Great forum; lot's of knowledge here and still a lot to learn for me. See you soon,


    My PO8500 that I sold recently for vintage-funds
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  13. Nathan1967

    Nathan1967 Nov 30, 2017

    Great introduction - thanks for showing some nice pictures too!
    Welcome @Risto
  14. gemstar

    gemstar Dec 1, 2017

    Hi everyone..I just joined the forum and would like to say there are some very nice timepieces here and the info is great. I would like to post a watch I have. Its a 1926 Longines 13.33z chronograph mono pusher in 18k . I just got the cert from Longines a few day's ago.
    20171201_091238.jpg 24lon18.jpg 24lon11.jpg 24lon6.jpg 24lon7.jpg
  15. Professor

    Professor Dec 3, 2017

    Only recently developed an interest in time pieces, after returning my old Zorro watch to working condition. I then did the same for an old Lux alarm clock.
    I'd dabbled with fixing up old cheap clocks before. Otherwise my interest in time pieces was academic at best.

    I still have an Omega Seamaster deVille to restore and the Biltmore Pocket Watch I carried on camping trips as a Cub Scout.

    In the elderly class. Not much going on in my life these days. Trying to catch up on the hobbies I couldn't engage in when younger.

    My main interest lately has been restoring antique air guns.

    Speaking of cats I have five. My good friend of the last 18 years is an Egyptian Mau that has shown no sign of aging since he was four. He was born sterile, which is apparently common among Mau males.
    The youngest is Tiny Tim, a miniscule Bombay cat. He has begun growing now, not quite so tiny, When I first rescued him a few days before Halloween he was so small I at first thought he was a large spider. Turns out the day I bought him into my home was part of a UK save a black cat week.
    Edited Dec 3, 2017
  16. Mike_F

    Mike_F Dec 4, 2017

    Hi OF,

    My name is Michael, I live in France and I am new on this forum.

    I joined a little weeks ago because I was interested to buy a speedmaster from a member of the forum. "Speedmaster" is the name of the illness I am suffering from since my father offered me his vintage 105.003 four years ago :)

    Before that, I was just a watch enthusiast owning a few vintage and modern varied pieces, with a preference for house or "manufactured" movements (Girard-Perregaux, Chopard, Nomos). And, of course, some vintage omega without pretention.

    I am still discovering this forum.

  17. Mike Honcho

    Mike Honcho Dec 12, 2017

    Hello OF!

    My name is Mike and I want to say thanks to all that take the time to post here and help educate new people like myself on the brilliance of Omega watches!

    Just like a lot of people, I too was originally drawn to the watches and the brand itself due to being a huge Bond fan, but there’s something special that happens when you walk into an AD/Boutique and see the watches in person! I’m proud to say that after reading and learning from many different posts on OF - I am now an ecstatic owner of the Omega I fell in love with: Seamaster Diver 300 M!

    I’m still learning and unsure of a lot of watch etiquette as this is my first “real” watch (definitely not the last, Commander here I come!) but what is the general consensus regarding aftermarket bands/straps? I purchased 2 so far: a Blushark nato and a leather band I saw at the shop next to the boutique I was shopping at. I just had a hard time justifying an extra $160 for the nato that said Omega on it... is it commonplace for aftermarket straps or did I just put cheap tires on my Ferrari?

    Thanks Again to everyone!
    06C6C72C-ADF4-4BDF-A45D-B1A3EE5A5D7B.jpeg F6DA7168-78C3-46D1-B062-A205D2E9F9D6.jpeg 642C064B-8793-4F62-94EA-834BFCD8BD78.jpeg
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  18. palkastu

    palkastu Dec 12, 2017

    Hi all,

    Quick introduction: My name is Paul and I work as a project manager just outside the capital of Norway. Engineer by trade and have caught the watch bug from a friend of mine (he's more into Rolex).

    I've been collecting vintage watches for a few years now but have just been lurking on the international forums. The advice from this site has been invaluable when evaluating and buying Omegas - The attention to details of many of the members on OF are unlike any other.
    My collection mostly hold vintage Omegas, but also IWC, Rolex, Zenith, UG, Certina and a few other brands.

    I do have a bit of an addictive personality so I hope this doesn't get out of hand once I find my place here on OF :)
  19. dwm11

    dwm11 Dec 15, 2017

    Hi everyone!

    My name is David, I live in Toronto, Canada.

    Relatively new to collecting watches. Was a one watch person for almost 10 years. Recently have begun adding to my collection. Have my sights set on my first Omega as my next watch, a Speedmaster FOIS.

    Also extremely passionate about photography and playing 6-string and bass guitar. Mechanical film cameras are of particular interest. Favourite band is Pink Floyd!

    Currently on vacation in Grand Cayman and am loving the selection of watches. Looking forwards to learning lots here!

  20. Arms-fi

    Arms-fi Dec 16, 2017

    Hi OF,

    I just created an account for OF and wanted to briefly introduce myself.

    I'm from Finland, few years till I turn 40 and never actually thought that I would be into watches. But here I am. I have been using my Certina watch which I got from my wife the last three years. Last year at some point during the winter I started to look into watches and seek knowledge of them. I have a friend who has a Rolex DJ and a colleague who's got an Omega PO. These guys must have influenced me somehow.

    So, I researched and drooled over some watches the first half of the year and in August I just couldn't resist myself and got the Seamaster Professional. I enjoy that watch every day and sometimes wonder why I didn't get the watch years ago.

    In August I actually joined another watch forum which is in Finnish. I introduced myself there also and stated that I am not into watches that much but just wanted to get a quality watch.

    Who would have known that approx. two weeks ago I ordered Omega Speedmaster Professional aka the Moonwatch. At the moment I cannot wait it to be delivered to me.

    I've been reading these forums and some others daily for six to eight months now and can't stop. Funny how some things go. You just don't know before it hits you.

    Thank you for this forum and the massive amount of knowledge and information you have shared!