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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. zrleopold

    zrleopold May 24, 2015

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. Figured I would throw a short introduction on here. My interested started in watches when my grandfather gifted me a Victorinox Divemaster 500. For a while, I enjoyed watches on a purely aesthetic basis. My first introduction to mechanical watches was when my grandfather showed me his Omega Seamaster from 1955. It is a watch he wore everyday. He explained to me how an automatic movement worked and from then on I was hooked. I started over of /r/watches and have since stalked many different forums. I finally decided to make an account here. I am a college student studying biochemistry and as a result, I don't have a bunch of money to spend on watches at the moment, although I do plan on picking up a Speedmaster at some point in the near future. I look forward to becoming part of a very interesting and clearly knowledgable community.

    Edit: I picked up a speedmaster. You guys are very effective enablers.
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  2. Frap

    Frap May 27, 2015

    Hi I am Nick, I have been a watch enthusiast for many years and got into Omega`s around three years ago now having five in my collection that constantly seems to have a growing want list. Hoping to learn a little more from the guru`s here and chat randomly.
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  3. rennfahrer

    rennfahrer Jun 1, 2015

    Hello All:

    Sorry if this is long, but hopefully entertaining.

    A long time stalker and member of several other watch forums since '95 or so. I first acquired the sickness for timepieces in the mid-80s when my uncle gifted me a Seiko 5 automatic (which I still have). For some reason I gravitated toward Rolex and spent weekends in the boutiques as a teenager (which my parents thought was terribly elist and feared that the combination of luxury watches, pens and cars would lead me down a dark path - of course it did - in a good way).

    After university in the U.S. (Wahoo-wah) and landing an investment banking gig I started to pursue the interest - devouring Richard Paige's TimeZone and finally deciding on a Speedmaster automatic (7750 black dial). Then, it was downhill for a while, as I acquired a vintage Bubbleback (during that craze) and an Omega W.W.W. (which I knew nothing about until the last five years). I knew then, however, that vintage was the way to go. I randomly met a fellow collector who sold me a vintage 5512 (all of which I still have) and introduced to an incredible world, making tangible everything I was reading online. My acquisition spree was sidelined for a number of years as I got involved in the expensive hobby of sports car racing, but I was a regular viewer on the forums, building my knowledge.

    When I picked up again it was full on and although now I have slowed down again, I ended up with some of the most remarkable vintage pieces I could have wanted. (See next post).

    Today, I am primarily interested in vintage Omega and I love all the nuisances between models. I love the Speedies, I love vintage chronographs, and milwatches. I particularly am attracted to the Seamaster bumpers and am acquiring knowledge on 30T2s. I am still a vintage Rolex aficionado but find the risk a little too much.

    I have an interest in watchmaking - and am slowly acquiring some maintenance skills.

    Other than all this: I am passionate about cigars and tobacco, I am a former instructor for the BMW and Porsche clubs, I am an armchair theoretical physicist, collect vintage Montblanc pens (of course), study Irish history, and I love style and anything wrapped on shell cordovan. Most importantly I am nice fellow (I hope) and devoted (totally devoted) dad to a coonhound pup named Lucy.

    Thanks for reading and I promise to participate and engage. I will post some of my collection below.

    Best regards,
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  4. JJ.

    JJ. Jun 5, 2015

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here and should already say thanks to the forum. Always had an interested for watches even though my first 'real' watch was only bought recently in the form of a '68 Speedmaster. I've been eyeing a speedmaster for years, but never really considered the vintage ones, until I came across this forum. I read a lot about them and finally bought one myself. I'll post some pictures in the vintage omega thread soon, to hear how I did on my (first) vintage Speedie.

    Kind regards,
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  5. Aussie Jim

    Aussie Jim Jun 5, 2015


    My name is James and I am becoming a watchaholic (chorus: Hello James)

    I inherited a not very fancy 70s auto Deville about 10 years and used it on rotation with some cheap watches. For a birthday a few years ago I bought a Heuer Carrerra Re-edition (CS 3110) , which was manual, and to my eyes rather nice. The action seems to have escalated into something a bit more major with a mistake of a (probable) faked or certainly refashioned Tudor Ranger, a Choc Sandwich Speedy, and my two loves and recent buys, a Seamaster 300 Blue Bond and current fave, a 69 Speedy145.022 in good, unmangled, but not perfect condition.

    I can see this could easily get out of hand, and I find every shiny thing looks fantastic. Luckiy my wife will keep a little bit of reality on the spend.

    The hardest thing is clearly setting a list of what you want and waiting for it. I look forward to doing it.

    This is such a great and apparently friendly forum. I have dabbled in a few car forums of the Golf GTI/R variety and a recent Audi S3. They got really vicious at times. There were large egos on display. I have learnt much in just a few weeks and I should have read a bit more before rash decisions. I am a physician and my work experience is that the very best lessons are the (hopefully non-fatal) mistakes that you make. They are very powerful.

    I like cars/valve amps, anything that is nicely made, and red wine. All good healthy pursuits
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  6. blunosr

    blunosr Jun 5, 2015


    Got the new endlinks today. Also including a shot with the original vs replacement bezel I put on.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  7. Tuscon2

    Tuscon2 Jun 8, 2015

    Hi Michael from Niagara, Ontario; new member.
    The forum has been invaluable for me for its wealth of knowledge.
    I was lucky enough to get a speedmaster in '66; that is, lucky for me but possibly a little unlucky for the watch as I wore it and wore it down for the next 20 or so years. It has since lain neglected in a variety of drawers and boxes until the forum and especially the advice of two of its members (thank you Al and the author of s/master 101) made me regain my appreciation for this watch and the fact that it will miraculously outlive my previous careless ownership of it.
    Here is the survivor. I know it needs a new crown, and the bracelet along with the end links need attention. But remarkably it seems to have come out of a service in the '70s with everything else intact.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  8. UncleBuck

    UncleBuck understands the decision making hierarchy Jun 8, 2015

    One of the best things I have ever read here.
  9. VanDamme

    VanDamme NOT "The Muscles from Brussels" Jun 12, 2015

    Hi all,

    Obviously I'm a new member to the forum but long time lurker. I feel ready to participate and actively learn about this terribly absorbing hobby of ours. I hope that this forum will help, maybe not, to be an outlet for this obsession that keeps me from my work everyday... I hope to get to know all of you on a certain level while I'm here and "steal" all the knowledge and wisdom that I can.

    In general, I'm from South Africa which makes the obsession a bit tricky being so far from where the action seems to happen but thank goodness for the internet, right? My current collection consists of a fairly mixed bag of an Omega Seamaster 30, a Nomos Club Dunkel, Tag Heuer Aquaracer and a Swatch Sistem51. The Seamaster, which was "found" lying loose in my wife's mom's handbag and apparently belonged to her late husband started this craze in 2011 and I haven't looked back since. I hope that through this forum I can find some direction in my collecting and also amass something fairly fantastic to cherish and pass on for generations to come.

    Kind Regards,
  10. arsmax

    arsmax Jun 14, 2015

    Hallo to everybody
    I'm Massimo, from Milan, Italy. I'm a new member of this forum but I'm following it since long time.
    I'm collector of various vintage divers watches of different brands (Aquastar, Scubapro, Doxa, Panerai), but Omega is my favorite.
    I'm always looking for some new interesting Omega vintage watches around the world.
    As presentation, I propose below some pictures of my Omega Ploprof that, I think, it's a fantastic watch.
    Best regards

    DSC_0006.JPG P1140154.jpg
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  11. omitohud

    omitohud Jun 14, 2015

    Hello everyone. Im kinda new here. I've been lurking around n commented on the rolex part most of the time. I bought a rolex from a fellow member here who encourage me to join. I collect rolex exclusively until yesterday morning when i received my new to me SM300. Hope to learn from u all.

    Sam from Los Angeles.

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  12. STANDY

    STANDY schizophrenic pizza orderer and watch collector Jun 18, 2015

    Welcome, seems a great mix of geography from our last few members
  13. Stratos

    Stratos Jun 26, 2015


    I am Stratos. I am from Thessaloniki, Greece and I am passionate about watches.

    I have started more seriously when I got 18 and never stopped.
    My first serious watch was a Longines Master Moonphase which I still own to this day.
    After this, I continued with Rolex and had the Sub 16610, Daytona SS, SDDS, Milgauss GV. All of them are now gone.

    My first Ω was the 3510.50 which I only kept for a few months and at the moment I own a 3570.50 Moonwatch and a 2254.50 SMP.

    The Moonwatch along with Tudor Pelagos are my favourite watches at the moment.

    That is my story.
    Watches come and go, it is the journey that matters.
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  14. Tempusfugitus

    Tempusfugitus Jun 28, 2015

    Hello there from Scotland. I'm new to Omega Forums but a long term watch forum fan. I've been an Omega fan since I received from my father his 1966 Seamaster Deville about twenty five years ago. Since then I detoured via Breitling (very nineties), Rolex, Tudor, Sinn, Seiko, Steinhart and Bell and Ross, before returning to the fold with a recent purchase of a Watchco Seamaster 300. I'm looking forward to learning more about Omegas, especially old ones, which I prefer.
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  15. Barenia

    Barenia Jun 28, 2015

    Good day from down under. Bought my first Omega (Seamaster GMT, ref. 2234.50) about 7.5 years ago and added a second one (Speedmaster FOIS) last weekend. According to my wife, this makes me an Omega collector. While I don't necessarily agree given the outstanding collections I have seen on this forum, I am certainly interested enough to join this group. Regards, Jim
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  16. STANDY

    STANDY schizophrenic pizza orderer and watch collector Jun 28, 2015

    Welcome, another Jim from down under :thumbsup:

    Next time you she buys a handbag use the same line....
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  17. Kuby

    Kuby Jul 5, 2015

    Once a regular member of another forum but somehow I just did not fit in. Avid collector of all things that 'tick in more ways than one'.

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  18. noelekal

    noelekal Jul 5, 2015

    Welcome here, where misfits and even misanthropes fit, as long as they appreciate the watches.
  19. w1n9m4n

    w1n9m4n Jul 6, 2015

    Fresh meat here!
    My first Omega! Screenshot_2015-07-04-16-57-06.png
  20. shutterlife

    shutterlife Jul 6, 2015

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Thien, and I'm an addict. New to the watch forum, but not new to watches. I first built my collection about 15 years ago, with a gift SMP 300 Midsize Calibre 1120. From there, I picked up an Omega 40 Years of Bond, and shortly after picked up my avatar piece, a TAG Heuer CV2117, 1964 40 Year Anniversary Jack Heuer Carrera. I didn't think too much in getting into watches, till my SMP 300 started fogging up. Than began my obsession again. Now I'm in the market to pick up the beautiful SM 300 MC. Love the look of that watch, and hope to take it home soon.