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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. Hijak

    Hijak Jan 6, 2015

    Oh Steve, that can never be unseen!:eek:
  2. puddlep1rate

    puddlep1rate Jan 6, 2015

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Quoc. I'm currently residing in Houston, TX. Long time reader, more recent poster.

    I began reading the watchuseek/timezone forums in 2010 where I bought my first real watch, the SMP 2254.50, and eventually found my way to the Planet Ocean 2201.50 a year later in 2011. I got a little preoccupied with life and ended up selling all of my watches. Needless to say, I've got the "itch" again and recently acquired myself a Speedmaster 3570.50 from a reputable ebayer, Kaberui. The transaction went flawless and the watch was shipped quickly. Shortly after receiving it, I sent it off to Nesbit's for a lookover. Hopefully I won't be waiting too long for any potential service work so that I can get you guys pictures of it ASAP!

    Omega has always been my preferred watch brand as I believe they produce some of the most beautiful looking watches on the market today. This forum didn't exist 4 years ago (as far as I know), so I'm glad it's here today!

    Hopefully many more years of watch watching to come.
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  3. dsio

    dsio Ash @ ΩF Staff Member Jan 6, 2015

    We started March 2011 so just under 4 years but weren't really visible until 2012/2013, welcome mate, quite a few other Texans on here too
  4. base615

    base615 Jan 6, 2015

    I'm Craig, originally from London but now based in Sydney and a bit of an Omega fanboy. I love the style, movements, history and the fact that they are less showy and better value than some of their competitors.

    I've been collecting for a few years now and have the following Omega pieces in my collection after a recent cull of about 50%:

    Ω Seamaster Professional Diver 300M ( / cal 2500)
    Ω Seamaster 300 (165.0024 / cal 552)
    Ω Speedmaster Reduced (3510.50 / cal 3220)
    Ω Constellation Pie Pan (ST168.0005 / cal 561)
    Ω Constellation C (ST168.0017 / cal 564)
    Ω Seamaster Cosmic (ST166.0035 / cal 752)

    Currently looking at a Chronostop so there may be another addition soon if I pull the trigger. Luckily my wife takes such little interest in my watches that she never notices I'm wearing a new one :)

    Other than watches, I'm a sports nut and religiously follow Tottenham Hotspur, Chicago Bears and Sydney Swans, hugely into diving (currently recovering from a massive bend last year so unable to dive at the moment) and a retired BASE jumper, hence my username. I also produce music (deep house / Detroit techno), badly.
    Edited Jan 6, 2015
  5. Birky101

    Birky101 Jan 7, 2015

    Hi my name is Stephen I've recently moved to Omega from Rolex I have just bought the 2531.80.00 and loving it
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  6. Birky101

    Birky101 Jan 7, 2015

  7. Geo!

    Geo! Jan 7, 2015

    I have a wife with the same interest in watches as your good lady. My interest (addiction) has spiralled a bit out of control lately, but luckily she hasn't got a clue.

    The next watch on your hit list is a particular favourite of mine. I purchased a Chronostop last year with issues, and now have the parts required to make it a good one.
  8. Maganator

    Maganator Jan 7, 2015

    And this isn't even one of our prettier fans... ;)

    Thanks for the welcome folks! No doubt speak to you all soon
  9. Delbok

    Delbok Jan 7, 2015

    Hello guys, newbie in watches, I always looked at them religiously but never really took the lead... I received from my 2 grandfathers, one rolex datejust, and one swiss UNIC. And now I am a grown up I have started my collection with a JLC from the 50s and now stepped in the Omega universe... That's why I will be looking for a Speedmaster probably a 321 cal if I am a lucky shap.
    Thanks to OF for the great opportunity to talk about these precious
  10. Ron

    Ron Jan 7, 2015

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Ronnie, and I'm new to the forum.
    I've had an avid fetish for watches and just now have purchased an Omega Constellation 35mm yellow gold on steel cal. 2500d and loving it. It was something I had been fascinated with since my teen days ever since seeing Cindy Crawford and Pierce Brosnan advertisements in magazines. I've been collecting watches for sometime now and have built up a little bit of a collection too. In chronological order it would go like:

    1. Swatch Irony chronograph (Meager beginnings :p)
    2. Oris Artelier
    3. Tissot PRC 100 chronograph
    4. Rado Florence
    5. Tag Heuer Formula 1 chronograph
    6. Mont Blanc Hemispheres
    7. Omega Constellation

    1. Rolex Oyster Datejust
    2. Breitling Avenger 2

    Hoping to learn and share wisdom with everyone here.
  11. kontango

    kontango Jan 7, 2015

    Hello all,

    I registered for the Omega Forums two years ago, but this is my first post here. I live in Philadelphia and purchased my first mechanical watch in 2008 (Omega PO 2500) at the KOP Mall. Once the watch was on my wrist, I couldn't stop thinking about it and watches in general...I became hooked (or acquired the "disease" as some refer to it). I've been posting on Timezone since 2008 (under different username), and am excited to be a part of the O.F.

    My "collection" (for lack of a better word) is small, but has evolved as follows:

    1. Omega PO 2500 (since sold)
    2. IWC Portuguese Chrono
    3. Panerai 111 (since sold)
    4. Omega PO 8500
    5. Rolex "Batman"
    6. Omega Aqua Terra Annual Calendar, caliber 8601

    I'm impressed with Omega's innovations and am making a list of what to add next to my collection! Suggestions welcome :)
    I look forward to being part of the O.F. and learning a lot from the experts here.

    Here are a couple of photos of my Omegas (sorry for the monster-sized pics...I'll learn to reduce the size in the future):



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  12. Bienne2998

    Bienne2998 Jan 8, 2015

    Hi, my name is Thomas and i live in Switzerland. about 50 miles drive away from the place our beloved watches originally come from.
    I have been a member for quite a while, didn't post much, just a comment here and there, but didn't introduce myself.

    I started my interest in watches when I was a kid at school. In the late 80ies I collected Swatch-watches.... and became a huge fan of mechanical watches about 15 years ago. Since 7 years I am focussed on vintage watches, mainly chronographs.
    At the beginning, my favourite brand was Breitling (I still like the 806 Navitimer), then the interest shifted towards Omega and Zenith, so I am on the right place at this forum.

    I learned very much from you guys here in the forum. It's a great place to educate yourself and for sharing knowledge with people who have the same bug as you (unfortunately I don't find many in my actual surrounding - so this virtual place is just great).

    My intention for the new year ;) is to contribute more to the forum and share some of my little treasures with you and learn more from you.
    Best regards, Thomas
  13. Hijak

    Hijak Jan 8, 2015

    An official welcome to you Thomas! Looking forward to your future contributions!:thumbsup: Would love to see some pictures of your "little treasures" as we do love pictures here.:)
  14. gophishin

    gophishin Jan 9, 2015

    Greetings! My name is Colin, located in Phoenix, AZ. I've had an affinity and appreciation for fine watches from a very young age, and am looking to start my collection soon. I'm in the golf industry by trade, and competitive cycling and home espresso by hobby. I have quite the knack for a) jumping straight into the deep end of my interests (golf, cycling, coffee, watches), and b) falling for hobbies that are typically better left to those with greater means, haha.

    I'm learning a lot here, and appreciate all of the information I've been able to find on OF so far. My two primary quests (as of now) are for a Heuer Carrera 2447N or S, and a Pre-Professional Speedy. So, of course, not only do I wish to jump into the rich and complicated world of watches, I immediately gravitated towards in-demand, specific, vintage models. I'm also kicking around the idea of a FOIS Speedmaster for some vintage charm with daily wearer reliability.

    Other watches I'm keeping an eye for are less expensive (<$300) random vintage seamasters, general Omegas, or military watches, specifically those with a sub seconds dial.

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  15. TheCaptainOfTech

    TheCaptainOfTech Jan 15, 2015

    Hello everyone my name is Zach I am currently in Highschool and I fell in love with watch collecting I have three omega watches right now in which I roate on a weekly basis a Omega Seamaster Professinal James Bond edition and a Omega Speedmaster 30th anniversary addition. Other things that I enjoy besides looking for watches are playing golf and politics (I know not your typical hobby) I would just like to say hello to everyone on this forum and I would like to say thank you for all the help that y'all have given me in purchasing my watches so far
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  16. mr.snakeman

    mr.snakeman Jan 17, 2015

    Hello everyone, my name is Pete and I live in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. My introduction to Omega was in the early 70´s when I bought an Omega Constellation C from a watch shop in Stockholm. I´ve worn it on and off over the years but never really knew much about it untill I discovered OF on the web a few days ago. My other hobbies are: herpetology-hence my member name, competitive pistol shooting (I´m an ISSF national judge) and flashlight collecting (I have about 100, over 65 in titanium) amongst other things. I have a few other watches but nothing in this caliber. Hoping to learn more and hopefully even be able to contribute to the forum.
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  17. 1685

    1685 Jan 17, 2015

    Hi all, I’m Mark from Atlanta, Georgia and I’ve been bitten by the bug. Figure it’s about time to introduce myself as I’ve been visiting the forum frequently taking in all of the knowledge, insight, protocols, and well-intended sarcasm and wit. I’m a newbie but have been able to pull together a small modest collection based in Omega but branching out to other brands that speak to me using the knowledge I’ve gained here and elsewhere to hopefully protect against the “dud”. Posted this on the vintage forum as I have a deep appreciation and interest in vintage watches and then I saw this thread, whoooops.
    I won’t have much, if anything, to add to the discussions unless folks are looking for recommendations on great golf courses, but I do look forward to interacting with ya’ll and continuing to expand my horology knowledge and buy more great watches! I also suck at taking pictures of my watches so I'll need to head over to that thread as ya'll take some incredible pictures!!
    My Omega collection includes: Omega Aqua Terra (2005), Planet Ocean Chrono (2006), Seamaster Chrono (1970), Speedmaster Pro Pre (1967)
    Good evening
  18. mondodec

    mondodec Editor Constellation Collectors Blog Jan 17, 2015

    Welcome to the forum Mark.

    Some pics of your "modest collection" and why the pieces caught your attention could well be the starting point for your first forum conversation :)


  19. morseonline

    morseonline Jan 17, 2015

    Hello everyone. I'm Martin from Perth, Western Australia. I've always loved watches (and been obsessed with time in general) but have never owned more than one at a time so it's time for that to change! I prefer a simple watch so after doing some research I have decided that vintage Omegas are for me - I'm currently in the market for my first one, and hoping not to get it too wrong on my first attempt.

    I look forward to spending plenty of time here, and thanks to those of you who have already responded to my questions re potential purchases. It's great to find a forum where the community are supportive of newbies!

  20. 1685

    1685 Jan 17, 2015

    Thanks Desmond, I'll have to head over to the photo thread as I can't/don't know proper technique yet to take a good pic of them! But I'll get started. Here's a horrible pic for now with a little background....

    1. AT was my first "big boy watch" & my wedding watch, I mean if ya have to do something to balance out the cost of ladies ring to the mans
    2. Seamaster Chrono 145.029, not a gold guy, but had to have this watch, love it, so different, and I think (Bonzo, seller) is a member here
    3. PO 2910.51.8 was my original grail before I knew what I grail was, still love this watch, my promotion watch
    4. Speedy 145.012, my buddy who got me on to collecting put me on the Speedy, this also was the watch that got me on the vintage path, loved learning, reading, research, exploring, hunt........
    5. Pierce Chrono, great looks, history, innovation for the time period, my surname
    6. Rolex Wide Boy DateJust, my birth year watch
    7. Vulcain Cricket, a mechanical with an alarm, just cool
    8. May the Force be with You….yes that’s a Star Wars watch! My first watch as a 6 year old lad, don't laugh, dial is marked Swiss Made and it has a mechanical movement. It is in the case now as my son is 6 and likes to keep his watches with his dads’.

    Off to learn how to take watch pics!
    My Watches.jpg
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