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  1. DaveK

    DaveK Yoda of Yodelers May 22, 2020

    If you like a good news stories and want some positive perspective on what the world is up to, then I encourage you to check out John Krasinski‘s Some Good News channel on YouTube or CBS All Access.

    To keep our spirits boosted during these crazy days and beyond, I thought it would be fun to share some OF member good news here. I hope that all y'all will join in the fun to let others know that there is a world of kindness and good news surrounding us :thumbsup:

    I'll start. During lockdown we haven't been able to get to Costco to get gluten free flour for my wife - I don't have a car and public transit gives me the willies at the moment. With prices almost double Costco's at my local grocery store, I wrote the company and asked if they sold their products direct to consumer. The answer was, sadly, no. But, she asked if I would be home tomorrow so she could drop off two bags at my door for free. Free! Delivered!! A shout out to Cloud9 Flour

    I have really been blessed with more than a few spontaneous acts of generosity lately, including @Alpha generously gifting me a cool bund strap in exchange for a donation to a worthy charity: War Paws. Donations are still being gratefully accepted (

    There are a few more stories I'll share in a bit. Including a mind-blowing surprise in my mailbox that I'll share when I get some photos taken over the weekend.

    So, who's made your day? ::popcorn::
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  2. DaveK

    DaveK Yoda of Yodelers May 24, 2020

    Yet another opportunity to share that good news is happening out there. A short while back @Fritz PM'd me with a spontaneous kind offer to send me a vintage ad that he thought would suit my small but growing pocket watch collection. Upon his assurance that he wasn't a Nigerian prince, or prone to travel 3,000 kms to steal $300 worth of unserviced antique watches, I took him up on the offer and provided him with my mailing address. So, what arrived in the mail this week? Well, it's heavy...


    and big...


    really big...

    Instead of a vintage advertising piece (which would indeed have been cool), I was now the proud owner of this 1893 Hampden Grade 21, Model 3 lever set pocket watch ::psy::. Still ticking away after all these years


    It is a wonderful beast of a watch. Certainly in size and weight, but also, look at that massive thick crystal


    The crystal is a very fun feature to play with. Check out the epic distortions that it creates :cool:. The blued hands, and facinating 24hr dial with both Roman & Arabic numerals


    The case is modest with a slight and charming scent of pocket change. Fun Fact: some people can actually smell gold, so I'm told. A dahlia-like motif engraved on the back. I wonder who bought it 127 years ago, what did they need it for, and how hard was it for them to part with the $8 purchase price? That same year Webb C. Ball introduced railroad chronometers, and the 1893 World's Fair, also known as the World's Columbian Exposition, opened to the public in Chicago, Illinois, not far from the Hampden factory in Ohio

    Thanks for reading, and thanks again Frtiz for the generous gift :thumbsup:
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  3. timecube

    timecube May 24, 2020

    That is stunning!
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  4. Canuck

    Canuck May 24, 2020

    That’ll be a coin silver case. Generous indeed. No movement picture? I see another lanyard being deployed, very soon!
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  5. DaveK

    DaveK Yoda of Yodelers May 24, 2020

    Indeed, I do need to get this serviced and on a lanyard! More supplies are incoming from Tandy Leather, so I'll get more made up soon:thumbsup:

    I haven't had a look at the movement yet, as Fritz correctly described it, you need the thumb of a gorilla to open the hinged back. I, apparently, am not a gorilla. With my opposing thumbs though, I imagine that I should be able to gently open it with a caseback knife. I don't have one of those, but should get one :oops:

    Until then, more details are here and photos are stolen from the PocketWatchDatabase.Com

    343feed1cf5d8f60168969938271e06b.jpg Hampden-No.21-18s-Model3.jpg
  6. JwRosenthal

    JwRosenthal May 24, 2020

    Almost every Saturday night for the last decade, six of us- Ed & Page, Justin & Erin, and Hannah and myself, have gotten together for dinner, drinks, stories of the week/month/year and lots of laughs. It’s become a weekly ritual revolving houses and taking turns cooking or spending an hour trying to figure out collectively what to order for dinner (which sometimes gets heated). We only skip due to illness or conflicting family events, otherwise it’s assumed- we will be getting together on Saturday night at someone’s house. We have been through births, surgeries, celebration and deaths together- and we always come together and share and laugh or cry together.
    The last get-together we had was February 23rd. The following week, Justin’s wife Erin had a family event and the following week- well, the world went offline. Ed & Page are older, they have mild health issues, but they couldn’t risk it. Justin & Erin have a 2 year old and they couldn’t risk exposure. Hannah and I are both still working and at higher risk of getting it considering our exposure potential from our workplaces.
    We have texted, called, video chatted- even talked through doorways at distance for the random drop-off of something....but it just felt so awkward, so unnatural, and so disconnected.
    Last night, after almost 3 months of social distancing, mask wearing, and coupled isolation, we collectively said fuck-it and all got together for dinner at Page & Ed’s. It was strange at first- do we hug, do we stay away from each other? Page was joyous, she was crying- it was the first time she had seen anyone she loves (other than Ed) in 3 months. Within 10 minutes it felt totally normal, we reveled in the company, we laughed, we cried, we were together. We were careful about not getting too close when talking, we hugged heads turned away. But we were finally a group again.
    Things will get back to some sense of normal, it’s taking time- but it’s getting there.
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  7. Fritz

    Fritz genuflects before the mighty quartzophobe May 24, 2020

    That case is nickel, i had my gorilla open it and check before I shipped it to you.

    i figure another week or so and his thumb should have recovered, which is good because I’m tired of his whining and having to peel his bananas for him.

    i’ve opened a lot of 18 size cases in my time and that little bugger was the toughest!

    enjoy it.

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  8. DaveK

    DaveK Yoda of Yodelers May 24, 2020

    Lovely to see friends again. I had a 6ft birthday party with 2 friends on a blvd between 2 modestly busy streets where we wouldn't be overrun by joggers or texters. It was weird how used to not seeing people has become. I envy the regular dinners you've had. That should go on my regular routine when we are again able. Stay safe
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