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  1. Redondo444 Aug 4, 2021

    I am a watch lover since not that long – First fell in love with a nice Zenith De Luca 2: De Luca.jpg
    which I bought in Italy from a woman who inherited from her father. Nice watch and rarely worn.

    From that point onwards I was focused on Zenith watches with the high beating El Primero movement. So I also added a nice Zenith El Primero 53.0370.400
    Zenith El Primero.jpg
    which I bought privately in Switzerland from a nice guy in his best age (50-60). He is a real watch collector and so while sealing the deal I took the opportunity in taking a look at his watch collection…

    Patek Philipe, Rolex, IWC etv. – so all quite expensive ones and some of them in mid range 5-digit $$.

    One watch was a real beauty and caught my attention immediately:

    Omega Cosmic TDMP 2471/1 from 1952

    I was stunned by this one as it shined out all the other watches in this high value watch box by far.

    Sadly he didn’t want to sell.

    From that point onwards, I was sure I want to have a watch like this.

    The ones being familiar with an Omega TDMP from the 40s/50s know, how hard it is to find a model which is in an acceptable condition.

    Gosh I was searching my a** off in the past months. There are some watches popping up every now and then. Most of them are redialed and sadly they are not worth any $ from my pov.

    I also checked on several auction platforms and was next buying a 2471/1 – As an amateur not really knowing all the things to consider when it comes to spotting a redial I luckily found this forum.

    Thanks to this forum for having quite a good "library" on Omega TDMP form the 40s & 50s and the librarian @cristos71 in particular for those watches I was able to somehow judge way better if it’s a redial or not.

    Long story short I found a quite acceptable 2486 gold plated Jumbo from 02.1951 / movement no. 11.20*

    I am really happy with it and want to share that beauty with you:







    Though I am still on a hunt for a nice 2471/1 or any other Omega TDMP from the 40s/50s :)
    Edited Aug 4, 2021
  2. cristos71 Aug 4, 2021

    Looks great and I'm happy you managed to find a good one, not an easy task at all! :)
  3. Jones in LA Isofrane hoarder. Aug 4, 2021

    Wow, those are fabulous Zeniths, and congratulations on the Cosmic!