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How should I go about this Omega Speedmaster?

  1. kentyboy123

    kentyboy123 Jun 30, 2016

    I intend to get the crystal replaced but nothing else. Although the condition of it is a shame, because it is already so beat up I would be able to wear it regularly and I think it gives the watch some character, which is admirable! It doesn't need waterproofing, even if it was waterproof I don't think I could bear wearing it around water. I'll keep the leather strap in mind, I thought so too!
  2. oddboy

    oddboy Zero to Grail+2998 In Six Months Jun 30, 2016

    just as a voice of dissension on the topic of crowns and pushers, I tend to have them replaced when i acquire a new watch because i wear them regularly, and summers can be very humid where I live. I would rather replacement crown and pushers for wear to be sure the movement remains in good shape, but of course, keep the originals for potential sale down the road. If you're in a dryer climate, maybe that's less of an issue.