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Exhibition case-back for JLC Reverso Monoface

  1. Butik Nov 1, 2023

    Hello there.

    Does any of you know anyone who makes see-through case-backs for Reverso? There are a lot of 3-rd party companies doing that for Rolexes, Omegas etc, but nothing for the Reverso that I can find.

    And please, if anyone wants to put an answer here - focus on my question & query :)

    I DO know the history and original purpose of flipping the case. I do know 3-rd party mods could be harmful to WR, warranty & sales value. This is not the point and I do not care. I am just looking for the way to see the 822 movement from time to time just by flipping the case :)

    JLC themselves made such versions in the past (like Grande 976 for example).

    I have also written this inquiry directly to JLC but heard from 2-3 people that they would not do it.
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  2. Evitzee Nov 1, 2023

    The Reverso case is a complex affair because the front and back cases are a precision fit, making a replacement case would not be easy or cheap, and I've never seen one from a third party. I don't think they exist, the market would be tiny and not worth tooling up for. I'm not surprised JLC won't do it.
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