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  1. Yves- Feb 15, 2022

    Saw this and wondered why it's been on the market for a while at Screenshot_20220215-092946.png Screenshot_20220215-093021.png Screenshot_20220215-093054.png 1900 dollars. The picture of the movement is bad, I wonder about it's state. Have a nice day.
  2. Geezer Feb 15, 2022

    The price is quite high for a pocket watch.

    There is very little demand for pocket watches so they are very hard to sell. Even more so for a relatively little known brand such as Vulcain (when I say little known I don't include the people who hang out here).

    This one seems to be quite nice with what looks like a white gold case and inset stones. I believe the dial has been refinished at some point.

    This watch probably dates from around 1930. Spare parts for these types of watches are not easy to source, so if there is anything that needs to be repaired it will not be cheap. A lot of watchmakers will also decline to repair it.
    Edited Feb 15, 2022