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Vintage Original Zenith A384 El Primero Caramel, on its way, question...

  1. Pearcey74 Dec 23, 2022

    Hi Everyone,
    hopefully in the next few weeks (as we are about to go into Christmas and New Year) I will receive my first ever Zenith A384 El Primero.
    It is a caramel version, and I know it is a well know selling phrase..... but this really was in a box, in the back of a drawer and found in the boot of a car which was buried in a barn!
    Well.... ok, it was found when someone passed away and their family found it in their belongings and I have been fortunate enough to be a friend of the seller.
    So, I have some poor pictures of the watch which were sent to me prior to shipping, I didn't want to press for HD quality pictures etc etc I was just pleased to have the chance to buy the watch.
    The watch itself has a detached second hand and sub-dial hand, so it will need to go for a spa day, but it does have its original Gay Freres Ladder bracelet with ZKM end links.
    Anyway, one of the pictures show the crown has a "flat" face instead of the Zenith Star, so I am guessing it is some sort of service crown, and the crystal is in poor condition.
    I have spent ages trying trying to find both the correct crown size (seem to be 6mm to 6.7mm diameter and 2mm wide with Zenith star), and the correct crystal code and/or dimensions for the crystal.
    Can you please help me regarding these two questions as most of my searches I have had to trawl through "tons" of items about the revival watches, and have still found nothing definitive.
    Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

    D1BF41C5-7AC2-4EF0-B39B-3AB103C4561D_1_201_a.jpeg F0884CC5-3466-4AEF-8172-A967C900B3D7_1_201_a.jpeg 08F353FA-842D-4A65-8485-2817F6C00448_1_201_a.jpeg