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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. Speedyguy

    Speedyguy Feb 18, 2018

    Hey all, im speedyguy. Bought my first mechanical watch, a new 1861 speedy pro. My first son was born 3 weeks ago and the watch will be his college graduation gift. I work in asset management and i am also big into skiing.

    Other watches i want to own:
    Vintage Zenith el Primero
    Seamaster blue dial
    Daytona gold with black face
    Superocean heritage
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  2. khd

    khd Feb 21, 2018

    Hi everyone... I don't own an Omega (yet) but I'm going to be on the hunt for a 2264.50 soon so I thought it'd be worth joining up in case one comes up for sale here!

    I've been active on WUS for a bit over 4 years and have generally gone for Seikos up until now, but since my Tuna I've really warmed to quartz and want to get another quartz diver that's a little more suitable for the office :thumbsup:
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  3. goaliechris

    goaliechris Feb 21, 2018

    New here - was told about this place while inquiring about a watch.

    First got into watches in the late ‘90s with my then-grail, the Omega SMP. All those Bond movies had an effect. Still have it and wear it occasionally.

    Now I’m more into Rolex - have had a Seadweller (16600) since 2009 and it’s my daily watch that someday will go to my son. Also have an IWC (3777-14) that I think is on its way out the door plus a few other miscellaneous ones. In the past I’ve owned a couple of Panerai, two vintage Heuers (still kicking myself for getting rid of those), a Tutima, Rolex DeepSea, etc.

    Currently on the hunt for a Pepsi GMT, 1675 or 16750 (although there the 16700 seems to be at a much better price point right now).

    Family man, living in the Midwest, various interests including baseball and golf.
  4. turbo_muc

    turbo_muc Feb 21, 2018

    Hey everyone,

    I am a watch passionate from Munich but relatively new to Omega watches and in particular vintages.

    Bought a Tudor Prince Date Chrono as my first watch in 2007. I was longing for a Daytona at that time but as a student back then the Tudor was already an investment. And I really fell in love with this watch and the Jubilee style bracelet.

    I was most of the time clearly favoring Rolex as brand. In the meantime I also own a beautiful Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date from the 80ies in blue.

    Most of the time is was looking around for the watches and hesitant to invest serious money. Since last autumn I am in a kind of collection fever and came to Omega through the vintage watches. Actually, I also bought my second new Omega just last weekend.

    As I ended up at OF most of the time when googling for Omega references, I thought I should actively participate:;)

    Its a great source for information! Thank you OF.
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  5. Tuura990

    Tuura990 Feb 24, 2018

    Hello all.

    I'm greg, I own a prosthetic & orthotic manufacturing company for 25 years now, and have been inventing, designing and making things all my life.

    I collected 1950's VW transporters for over 30 years and sold out when prices hit astronomical highs and my business kept me too busy to be involved with the hobby as it demanded. 10 years ago, I thought I would go smaller and get into vintage motorcycles to save space in the garage. That turned out to be the same issue as the cars, just more of them and the net result of no space....again

    Anyway about 6 months ago, a close friend's father passed and she asked me to help out with cleaning the house. Her father was a surgeon I knew from my work, and a collector of many things. One was a watch collection. After going through this collection and working with a local watch appraiser I found myself getting the same feedback loop that I get with vintage cars and bikes and a respect for the mechanical designs.

    I was especially attracted to the speedmasters in his collection as I found them utilitarian in design, functional and there is a large amount of models, variations and limited additions , just like the VW buses I collected over the years! Best thing is they are small!

    The Speedmasters went to South Africa with her brother and I found myself starting to research into these watches more and more on sites and came across this forum which I really like, so I joined and am looking forward to a new hobby.

    Over the next year, I have about 50 watches to help her sell and I'm hoping to get some help here on the forum and build up my knowledge base...and buy a speedmaster or two:)

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  6. vbrad26

    vbrad26 Feb 26, 2018

    Hi again,

    Already posted an intro when I joined but have been absent for about a month and a half.
    As I previously stated, I have been wanting a Speedy Pro for years and since I was turning 30 this year (today actually) and my wife and I are expecting our first child (in just under 3 weeks now), I figured that this was a big year and I would finally buy my dream watch to mark these occasions.

    Well, shortly after I joined I actually decided to hold off on buying the watch. I thought it was the responsible thing to do.
    I figured it was not a good time with the baby coming, I didn't feel like it was right to be spending a decent chunk of change on just me.
    But this morning, my wonderful wife surprised me with this:


    I am over the moon (pun intended) and am so grateful.
    It is on an old leather nato at the moment till i get the chance to go get the bracelet sized.
    Just in time for speedy Tuesday!
  7. Tuura990

    Tuura990 Feb 26, 2018

    Congrats! Now that is great wife you have!!! Now you can get accurate time between crying spells:)I just pulled the trigger last night on one, should be in Wednesday.
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  8. vbrad26

    vbrad26 Feb 26, 2018

    I told her it will be great for timing her contractions haha!

    YIPEKIA Mar 3, 2018

    David here! Have been reading articles in the Forum for a few years and decided to jump in and engage. I'm retired. My relationship with the Omega brand started when I was in my teens. My dad was a professional photographer. We used Omega Print Enlargers in our Darkrooms. We always had Omega Seamasters on our wrists as tools. They were impervious to photographic chemicals, agitating/dipping B&W prints from tray to tray of developer and shortstop. We were on daily print schedules and these had the best dials for telling time in the dark. Not to mention that they are virtually indestructible and ACCURATE. I still have a few. My favorite is my Seamaster 300 Big Triangle. This was a Pawn shop purchase around 1980 for $125.00. That was the going rate for a nice clean used one then. It has been around the world with me a few times and lived thru motocross, downhill, mountain climbing, water skiing, hunting, etc. The band is long worn out and gone. In my opinion, the bands were never really up to the standard of the time piece. Always wore it with a Rolex Submariner 9315 bracelet that had a locking clasp. Probably why I never lost it. Still have that old 9315 bracelet in a ziplock. I have it on a modern Omega Nato now. I still judge all other watches by the Big Triangle. It just looks, works and feels right to me. I last had it serviced and checked at the San Antonio Omega Boutique in 2015. It caused a bit of a stir when I walked in with it. Except for replacing the crystal years ago, it has never been redone and is still keeps time within regulation, however they advised not to submerge it any more, as the seals can only last so long. They wanted to refurbish it, but said they may have to replace the hands. Naturally, I said no thanks. Personally I think it looks marvelous and still wear it occasionally to special events. My daily is a Seamaster Professional 300m/1000ft. Wavey dial. I wear it pretty much 24/7. It's quartz, which is, you know, OK, keeps good time, it's also pretty bullet proof, and it's kinda got a big triangle dial. My wife has a matching ladies wavey. IMG_2911.jpg
  10. TOTIZ

    TOTIZ Mar 8, 2018

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Not only am I brand new to the Forum, I´m also very new to the world of watches and watch collecting.

    I was born in the UK, but as my father served in HM Forces and I followed in his footsteps, I have been outside the UK for 23 years. I now work in the IT industry and live in Germany.

    Included below are some photos of what could kindly be called, “something resembling the beginning of a collection” :) As you’ll notice not one Omega in sight, however as I’m very interested in the vintage Omega watches, this is my first step on a very long learning path. Hopefully in the not too distant future, I’ll be able to post a photo of my very first Omega !

    Before I finish, I´d like to thank the Forum in general for helping me to avoid a somewhat less than reputable dealer. I was fascinated by his website and it was only whilst carrying out due diligence as a lurker on this forum that alarm bells started to ring. THANK YOU !

    345D09C4-29AF-49AA-B89F-EA0FD31AD2DA.jpeg C27A8040-CA74-4996-BF46-12FF7F8B657F.jpeg 7BAF7D6C-1AA6-4621-BF71-53FD6290FA46.jpeg 20A9F9D8-59CC-4560-914A-C92F2CBE21A4.jpeg 546C9E3E-80EC-4462-B17D-69A82E906966.jpeg
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  11. creepshow

    creepshow Mar 10, 2018

    Hello all - new to the forum although been a WIS for approx 4 years and it's only getting worse! I spend my time living and working between the US and Europe (mainly Spain) and I have done so with a few Omegas on my wrist so far, namely the 70's Geneve that got me started on Omega which is still a keeper, speedie reduced, 2254.50, and few different constellations. Been on WUS up until now but I wanted branch out a bit into other communities. Looking forward to what OF has to offer.
  12. zinengineer

    zinengineer Mar 10, 2018

    good evening, I found this forum recently following my "introduction" to watches via the BMW forum. Signed up there, saw a thread entitled "watches"....and WOW. Let's say I'm closer to retirement than not, and while I've known "about" watches, never really paid them much attention. For a long time, the Timex Triathlon worked just fine, then I took a dive on the Apple watch for the last few years. New found exploration of watches started with the Alpina Startimer at Christmas, and I'm on the hunt for a Speedmaster (duh, aren't we all?). With my new found hobby of watches, I decided to get some basic tools and see if I could revive some of my old watches that have quit working. First up, the Seiko my wife bought me for our wedding day....some 37.5 years ago. Replaced the battery, took the band apart and cleaned off 30+ years of gunk, and just like that, a "new" watch. A bit small by today's standards, but still tells time quite effectively, however, the "light" feature quit a long time ago. I've not looked into the exact movement with that feature to try to replace that. Alpina.jpg Seiko.jpg
  13. neilbardsley

    neilbardsley Thought about a Speedy, got a Speedy Mar 23, 2018

    I'm not sure I've introduced myself before so here goes

    I live in London/Northampton. Many years ago I completed a degree in Computing and starting working on derivative pricing/risk management systems in trading. My career has continued in that direction but now I use the systems. I used to be a competitive as a run/biker. Now I'm too fat and lazy to race but I still enjoy getting out in city or countryside for a walk, run or bike. Often I will be joined by our 1 year old Springer Skye. I have a large and complex family with two kids in university studying Engineering. I also have an interest in Porsche air cooled cars. I try to get my hands dirty and work on them but my skill level is low.

    I started my watch collection with a Omega Chronostop which I bought on ebay for £430 and is still on of my favourite watches. I think the display is simple/classic. I have since then added a number of Heuer/Breitling/French Divers and now finally a Speedmaster. I try to wear my watches as often a possible but since most of my commuting to/from is on a bike often wear a CWC quantz for daily use. I will try to post some pictures but can't from work. If you are on instagram then you can see some of my watches but mostly it's the dog, and I, out for run!
  14. Reintji

    Reintji Mar 23, 2018

    First post on this forum, 41, working in the medical field residing in the Netherlands.

    After the usual Swatches as a teen/mid-twenties, got into watches after college. Long interest in science, fysics and (early) manned spaceflight got me interested in an Omega speedmaster, but got a Planet Ocean instead. Still looking for a speedmaster moonwatch though. Furthermore I own a Tissot PRC-200 and a vintage, manual winding, Certina DS form the sixties.
  15. hmss007

    hmss007 Mar 23, 2018

    Hi all, my name is Eric and I have been an Omega watch observer for 20+ years and less than a week ago, finally took the plunge and purchased my very first Omega, a Seamaster Railmaster 2017 Steel on coated nylon fabric strap ( I've already purchased the tan leather NATO strap and the brown leather strap with a deployant clasp. I'm sure this will be my first of several Omega watches over the coming years. I already have my eye on others to add to my collection.
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  16. Reddy_Kilowatt

    Reddy_Kilowatt Mar 24, 2018

    My name is Reddy. I like watches. Do you like watches? I have a Rolex 16220 (Datejust), a Rolex 216570 (Explorer II Polar), and an Omega 304. (MOONWATCH OMEGA CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER MOONPHASE CHRONOGRAPH 44.25 MM). These Omega watch names really roll off the tongue, don't they?

    I'm an American. Do you like Americans? I like to ride my bike and play with my dog.
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  17. Brigante

    Brigante Mar 27, 2018

    Hi, I am the guy who doesn't read the forum rules and gets what he deserves.
    Though I work in finance and usually read "that text in small letters below place for signature".

    I have De Ville, Planet Ocean and four kids. I am in my mid 30s.

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  18. SuperHero

    SuperHero Mar 31, 2018

    Awesome watch. Congrats!
  19. Starman71

    Starman71 Mar 31, 2018

    Congrats and welcome! Bet you wish you had taken the plunge at the prices 20 years ago when you first started observing!
  20. BenKenobi

    BenKenobi Apr 3, 2018

    Hi all,
    Ben from Western Australia. Not enough time, but I like time on my hands and yet another hobby to keep me poor, found this site researching for my junky 145.036 looking for an original TSMT dial and better research links. I have my Grandads Bumper hanging around somewhere and a few old 1870's E Francilon pocket watch movements. Why is it nothing I own is mint nick like you guys have its all either broken, unappealing or doesn't work. So anyway gday from W.A. and all that.:cool:

    DSC_1077.JPG DSC_1078.JPG
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