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The Great Big Introductions Thread

  1. Blacktocomm

    Blacktocomm Jan 13, 2018

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Josh I haven't posted but have been a member here for awhile. Currently my only Omega is a 3513.33, but at some point I hope to snag a 3330.20 and probably get rid of the 3513.33 at that time.

    I try and keep a minimal collection of 3 or 4 watches 1 Chrono, 1 Dive, 1 Pilot/Field and then sometimes a moonphase. My long term goal is to have 3-5 watches that I love and can someday pass on to kids if they ever come and grandkids if that ever happens also.

    And here is a picture of my current Mk.40 Speedy with a 1st Gen Steinhart Ocean 2 in the background.
  2. tikkathree

    tikkathree Jan 16, 2018

    I am absolutely brand new to this forum so say hello to you all.
    I've been collecting/flipping watches for a few years, gradually swimming upstream.
    My Omega ownership thus far have been a pocket watch and a hand-winder and I arrive here as I spend time looking at Teak dialled Aqua Terrae, the original (vertical) striping and in the opaline/white/silver colour rather than the charcoal. I'm committing to the 8500 Co Axial auto movement, I have only a few quartz watches. Bracelet rather than leather strap. I'll let you know how I get on....
  3. Tellingbone

    Tellingbone Jan 17, 2018

    Hello, and thanks for this lovely and informative forum.

    I've enjoyed watches and clocks for a number of years now and seem to be heading very much in the vintage direction (in more ways than one). My modest collection is mostly still modern but I plan to sell most of those to fund a small vintage collection. I don't yet have a particular collecting interest in terms of marque, Dirty Dozen, super compressors, or other focus. So far, it's been more a matter of what speaks to me in terms of aesthetics. I suspect I will gravitate in one direction or another and am about to post a question on horology books...
  4. EdwardC

    EdwardC Jan 23, 2018

    Hello! I've been in and out of affordables for a while now, where I finally purchased a Speedmaster that I'd always wanted, the Hesalite crystal w/ Sapphire display back (3752.50). I recently got into vintage watches, particularly Elgins and Walthams, but most recently Omegas. The Elgins and Walthams were pretty easy to buy since they aren't as popularly counterfeited or frankened.

    A little while ago, before I knew any better, I won an eBay auction for a random Seamaster. I've learned a lot from this site and WUS and have realized that my incoming watch is certainly not real, or at least surely not original. I didn't pay that much, but it's still a pricey lesson. I've already learned a lot from the sticky posts here, and look forward to learning more, and hopefully contributing myself!
  5. Montezoraida

    Montezoraida Jan 23, 2018

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Monte. I am a retired carpenter living in Florida. I am now at that age where prudence would dictate I should start shedding my earthly accumulations. Among those treasures is a Seamaster De Ville watch that was passed on to me through my father. My initial thought was to sell the watch on ebay, but after researching to establish an equitable parting value — which ultimately lead me to this forum — I've turned back from that thought. I'm now of the mind to forego any monetary advantage and place it with the best chance of appreciation with a family member.
    I've gained some valuable knowledge from contributors here and I thank you all. One bit of wisdom that stood out among the many comments I've read here was the admonition from an unremembered commenter... To paraphrase: "In thirty days both your money and your watch will be gone".
    I'll post pictures of the watch and more information on the provenance of the watch which still leaves me with a mystery on my hands because it lacks some traditional identifiers . Calling all Seamaster De Ville aficianados !
    Thank you all.
  6. PHV

    PHV Jan 24, 2018

    Hi All, Happened to stumble across this nice forum by chance, searching for some information on Omega's. I have been collecting watches for about 25 years, and Omega watches have always been one of my favorites, mostly focusing on Speedmasters. Born in The Netherlands, I work for an international company, and have had the chance to live and work in the US and Asia, currently based out of The Netherlands again. Look forward to read and learn and meet new enthusiasts online! Cheers, Pete
  7. Cutsit

    Cutsit Jan 25, 2018

    Hello. My name is Mark and I stumbled on this board by chance after searching for information on Omegas. I have always enjoyed watches but have gotten more involved in the last year. My son graduated high school and wanted a watch for a gift. That started my downward spiral into horology. While looking for his gift, I bought a Seiko SNK809 auto for me. Based on his description of what he wanted, I thought a Seiko SNE045 would fit the bill. It was not what he thought it was, so I kept it. He ended up choosing a Tissot.

    Since then I have started wearing several vintage watches that I had (Bulova and my father's Mido auto). I bought a Vostok and a vintage Seamaster from eBay. I am waiting for both to be delivered. I'm still looking for watches that catch my eye.

    Thank you for the time the members have devoted to making this forum an excellent resource for the uneducated.
  8. jam karet

    jam karet Jan 29, 2018

    Hello, my name is Daniel and I'm very new to this forum. Been collecting watches for a few years now but just acquired my first Omega last month, a 98' Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 tritium with 1861 caliber. I have to say, it is one of my favorite watches thus far. I joined in hopes to find a 1450 or 1479 bracelet even though I know it is not the matching one for that year. I'm also eager to learn more about vintage Omega watches as I'd like to add one to my collection...eventually.

    Thank you for this forum and all the knowledge that everyone contributes.
  9. rekun

    rekun Jan 29, 2018

    Hey all, I've been lurking around these forums for a while, but just wanted to join and say Hi. It's been an excellent resource so I hope to contribute going forward as well. I had a Tintin that I regret selling, so I'm getting another one and will share photos when I do!
  10. Kasei

    Kasei Jan 30, 2018

    Hello all,
    My name is Sébastien and I've been lurking around here for quite some time now. I've been collecting watches for only a few years though I always loved relationship that we foster between important events in our lives and timepieces. I can say I am a watch enthusiast (and geek) from Switzerland, and I especially like vintage mechanical watches. Cheers guys!
  11. Roaldr

    Roaldr Jan 31, 2018

    Hi all,

    My name is Roald and after some lurking I decided to signup.

    I'm from Holland and I'm a watch geek for a bit over a year now. The past year I bought and sold quite some watches, guess you can say I am touching the waters on what I like and what not.

    In my 'collection' right now I have a Tudor BB Black, Speedy pro, Speedmaster Date (since last Sunday), a Hamilton Khaki field and my beater the SKX007. For 2018 I want to see if I can add an Old Navitimer or/and Mark XVIII. 2 pretty different watches but I think they will compliment my collection quite well.

    Looking forward on contributing here.
  12. vintagestuff

    vintagestuff Feb 2, 2018

    Hello. I'm Jack, and I recently semi-retired, so I have time to read through watch forums and tinker with all manner of old things now. I have loved watches since I was a boy but became interested in Speedmasters at 16 when my grandfather gave me his. When I look at prices now, I'm stunned. I was fortunate to catch the bug early and buy some watches in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. My wife would never let me buy one now.
    Edited Feb 13, 2018
  13. Listentoyoureyes

    Listentoyoureyes Feb 3, 2018

    Hi! My name is Anton and ive been collecting watches for 4 years. My passion is vintages, mostly divers but I would like to dive more into the world of chronos of the 40-50ies. Id like to learn more about vintage Omegas, thats why im here :)
  14. HeeBGB

    HeeBGB Feb 4, 2018

    Hi, my name is Greg and i’m A watch-a-holic! I’m a Field Service Engineer for a machine company in the packaging industry. Married with three kids. Also, a musician with a fetish for vintage guitars and cars.

    Just this past week I scored these two. I have not received either watch yet so auction photo’s are all I have for now.
    E951FAC4-BD96-4ED8-9E12-43893DF927A9.png B5924F62-A89F-4D98-877C-654016A1C93B.png 30D4FC25-2561-4EE1-AFB6-DBEC8598FA07.png CBC811F2-BC51-42A1-9FB1-9D1C4A34B825.png
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  15. Starman71

    Starman71 Feb 11, 2018

    Welcome Greg!
    Thanks for posting pics of your watches!
  16. Starman71

    Starman71 Feb 11, 2018

    Welcome Roald! You should post some pics of your new Speedmaster (and also the Black Bay)!
  17. Streichi

    Streichi Feb 11, 2018

    Hello Watchenthusiasts,

    My Name is Matthias and i am from Austria, i am into watches for a few years now but i managed to stay in the affordable region for a while.

    My dayli business is engine reserearch and developement so as you can guess i tend to like everything mechanical and refined.

    My "collection" usually holds 7 but i tend to flip a little on the lower end and try to upgrade when i can afford.
    In the first week of the year i celebrated my birthday and what watch could a 30 year old get on the more reasonable priced luxury segment.
    Right the Seamaster.

    I visited the local AD on the day right before my birthday(all shops are closed on January 6th) in the morning, picked it up and went for breakfast.
    I have to say it is a great experience and they where very patient with me as a first time buyer.

    My other moneypits are my 4 month old daughter, my wife, motorcyles, cars and the two dogs my wife brought with her.

    What currently bugs me is a Speedmaster but i have no ideas what to look for so i'll seek for information an all that versions existing.
    As savings could take a while i am not in a hurry about it. But thats part of the game :)

    Greetings Matt
  18. airansun

    airansun Feb 11, 2018

    Hello, my name is Bob. I’m an old guy in Northern California.

    I’ve always been a watch freak. I started taking watches apart long before I could hope to reassemble them. Apart from newer wristwatches, I have some older wristwatches, mostly in solid gold cases, but nothing high end, just what I happened to run into over the years. I do have my grandfather’s WWI Waltham wristwatch, which is in very nice condition, along with the original box. In addition to wristwatches, I’ve picked up a number of railroad grade pocket watches over the years.

    I bought my first Speedmaster Professional in a San Francisco pawn shop that was having a sale, in the spring of 1982. (I was actually there looking at pocket watches.) I believe I paid about $225 for it, in mint condition but, of course, without box or papers. It’s a 145.022-74 or 76, with a C2 medium S dial. Of course, I still have it. It’s never been polished and is all original, at least for the years it’s been in my hands. It’s still pretty clean.

    I wore that watch for over five years straight, including at my wedding and on my honeymoon. Five years later, I found a used Rolex Explorer 1016 in a second hand watch store and bought it for $350; that became my daily watch for about ten years. (I know, I know, but read further.)

    Since then, I’ve picked up a couple of IWC pilot watches, a newer Railmaster, a Zenith Pilot and a few Moonwatches, all of which rotate through an on-the-wrist cycle. All my moonwatches are manual wind; I can’t bring myself to own an automatic version. Two of them are moonphases, which has the added benefit of providing a date function.

    My most mortifying watch regret: In the spring of ‘82, I was in a fancy jewelry store and asked to see the new Rolex Daytona they had on display. It was around $1,200, with a white face and black subdials. I wanted it, but not badly enough to try to come up with that much money, which would have been a real challenge; as I told the clerk, if the colors were reversed, black face with white dials, I’d have bought it. Well, we all know how much panda dialed Daytonas from the late 70’s go for now.

    I’m lucky to have found this forum. Thank you all!

  19. Mr.Cairo

    Mr.Cairo Feb 14, 2018

    Hello everyone,

    It was about time I introduced myself properly. Joined in June 2016, this introduction is almost two years overdue!

    Ironically, I joined the forums not for the sake of Omega, but Longines! I collect (almost) only vintage, with a focus on Longines. I found the subforum on here very pleasant, with lots of knowledgable folks and an open culture. From there I gradually ventured out to explore more of this forum. It's helped me a lot in my collecting and I hope I have been able to contribute one or two things here and there (and will continue to do so where I can).

    By day, I'm a (senior) medical student. When not busy with that or watches, I like to play some guitar (a fiesta red Fender Stratocaster is my weapon of choice). I'm also quite fond of mid-century design, music, style and culture (roughly, 1930s through 1960s), which is reflected in my username but also in the style of watches I like most (simple 3-handers (or 4 in the case of the Cricket) ranging from dress to sport to field watches).

    That's all for now. A big thanks to the creators of this forum and of course all those that keep it going. Happy to be here.


  20. plowjockey

    plowjockey Feb 18, 2018

    Hi everyone, I'm farming for my sins in a previous lifetime, hence the name plow jockey. I don't actually own any Omega watches, but came here, like Mr.C above because of the knowledge here on vintage Longines watches. My modest collection includes Seiko, Longines a Damasko and most recently a Steinhart.
    A big thank you to all the knowledgeable folks on here,
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