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  1. Pastorbottle Nov 17, 2023

    Buggered if I know where it is!
    I was working in the shed, and was about to use the angle grinder, so took off the Speedie so as it wouldn’t be damaged, put the damned thing down somewhere and now can’t find it.
    I’ve only recently moved in and the shed is 6M x 20M so it’s a fair area to search, the problem is compounded by the fact that, having only just moved in, the place in in a state of total chaos, can’t find a bloody thing. It’s full to the rafters with stuff just jammed in there awaiting sorting!

    Now I don’t expect anyone to rush over and help with the search, or be able to do anything about it, I just thought I’d mention it in passing, as some of you might be amused by my absent mindedness.
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  2. watchyouwant ΩF Clairvoyant Nov 17, 2023

    IMG_20230629_121253.jpg Sounds familiar ..... I had a complete Knee Replacement. 3 months ago. Which stressed me out for weeks before the surgery at my rather ripe age . Hospital for 6 days. One of the last watch related tasks was to mount a Forster NASA like mesh to my Italian Affair Speedy .... Take good close up' s on request for a Collector. By then, Everything was in the Safe Deposit box, except the white Speedy. Did hide it well , that even in the case of a break in, it will not be found. Which worked very well ! Try to find it in my House for the last 90 plus days ... It's safe. One day in the distant Future it will be found and : Voila ! I have a new and rare Speedmasters !
    Edited Nov 17, 2023
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  3. YY77 Nov 17, 2023

    There was a post by someone on a local forum not so long ago, he found his Rolex Submariner of 3 weeks old, worn only once and not insured and went on with his life after a few days searching for it, 10 years later in the attic of his parents (full set including B&P).
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  4. Dash1 Nov 17, 2023

    I once hid a watch for ‘safekeeping’ and then couldn’t find it for three years. I began to think I must of chucked it out by mistake and it was gone forever. As a last resort I decided to try and dream about where I’d put it. I didn’t have a dream, but did find it the very next day!
    Good luck!
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  5. hen Nov 17, 2023

    You took it off for some angelgrinding? I have been grinding and working on a snow blower this morning with my Seamaster on as usual. I did loose my gloves, damn it I have been looking all over the place. Must be an age thing. IMG_20231117_100817.jpg
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  6. SpeedyPhill Founder Of Aussie Cricket Blog Mark Waugh Universe Nov 17, 2023

    Remember, "" Neglect is often the best way of preserving things "" :coffee:
  7. Larry S Color Commentator for the Hyperbole. Nov 17, 2023

    I do this with my laptop, safe deposit key all the time. I hide them somewhere. After being away, I come home and haven’t a clue. Respect for squirrels who can remember where they cache food. I’d be a lousy squirrel. Were it not for the “Find my phone” App on my I Pad, I’d be looking for that all the time too.
    Edited Nov 17, 2023
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  8. noelekal Home For Wayward Watches Nov 17, 2023

    Oh no!

    This happens to me on occasion and it engenders a maddeningly helpless feeling. I could relate quite a few tales of woe about watches and other collectors items mislaid over the years, especially in more recent times which causes me concern for my little pea-brain and its possible (probable?) decline.

    So far, only happy endings here as things eventually turn up. Let us know when your happy ending occurs and where you found the watch.
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  9. josiahg52 Nov 17, 2023

    I misplaced this watch for the better part of a year. I know I had it last Thanksgiving but when I went to put it on a few weeks later and it was gone. Looked for it, thought I might have left it at a hotel or put it somewhere "safe" or it was somewhere I couldn't imagine and didn't actually put it. It's not a cheap watch at a little over $2000 so it kind of hurt. Plus, I like it.

    Amyway, I found it earlier this month. It had fallen behind some furniture, who knows when exactly.

    So, have hope.
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  10. kohster Nov 17, 2023

    I think I read somewhere that squirrels and other caching animals hide stuff all over the place precisely because they forget where they put stuff later. And pretty much when spring comes they'll go find caches from any other animals who hid stuff as well, so it's basically a greater than species-level caching/finding that's going on.

    Obviously the lesson here is that we all need to get more watches to hide away for safekeeping.
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  11. ErichKeane Nov 17, 2023

    I always find that when I buy a replacement of something, I immediately find the old one. But then I go, 'oh well, I guess I have a backup!'.

    So I guess what I'm saying is: Buy a 2nd Speedmaster and I'll bet it will appear. Then wear one on each wrist since now you'll have 2!
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  12. sheepdoll Nov 17, 2023

    When I got my speedy it came with two case backs. One engraved with a prior owner's initials. The other not engraved with the wrong case number.

    I carefully stashed the engraved back in a safe place. Now that I want to check the case number on it I can no longer find it. And I did move about 20 years ago. Not sure If I saw it after the move or not.

    I keep thinking there is a 4th drawer under the lathe bench. Now there are only three. I am sure all my lost and missing parts are in that drawer.

    I did have a heavy steel parts assortment box which had some Rolex and Longenes part and others. I kept tripping over this in the storage unit, so It went to the salvation army. I pulled all the omega parts and still have them, So I do not think I would have had the back in that. It was the wrong size. Too big to fit on the shelf. Too small to be of use. So it sat on the floor. I never have warmed to Longenes, Rolex or Bulova. Now I wonder what else was in it. I do not regret getting rid of it any more than I regretted getting it in the first place. Like the 4th drawer, anything I can not find was most likely in it.

    To make matters worse there were a number of watches with no backs in the other drawers. There was no box of just case backs. When I did sort thing (looking for the speedy back.) I did come up with a collection of case backs which were mixed in with other things. Some I was able to even match to case cores.

    But why the part I care about the most?

    And what ever happened to the Omega 650 click, that was in the dusty parts tray on the lathe bench for something like 18 years? From time to time I would dust these off and play with them.

    They say crows collect shinny things. Any crows near your workshed? I have had birds nest in mine (when I was fixing the roof.) Here are a couple shots of it.

    IMG_0419.jpg IMG_0420.jpg IMG_0428.jpg

    The grinders are currently under the birdseed.
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  13. kingsrider Thank you Sir! May I have another? Nov 17, 2023

    This was always a problem when I used to do Coke. F*&@ where did I put that bindle!
  14. hen Nov 17, 2023

    "Only users loose drugs"
  15. EuroDriver 1st Seamaster 75th Anniversary Owner Nov 17, 2023

    I only "lost" a watch once. When I was a kid, my father bought me my first watch - a Timex. shortly after, I went with my brother to play in a ball pit. A little while later, I discovered my watch was gone. I went to the ball pit and begged them to empty it so I can find my watch. Of course, they told me it was impossible. I left crying and the sun could not warm me up.

    Later when we went to lunch and when I went to wash my hands, there was my watch - under my shirt cuff...

    Since then, my older sibling has lost countless watches, cell phones, wallets, keys, etc. He has a habit of placing them on the counter of a public restroom, on the roof of the car, etc.

    I learned from his mistakes and anything I am holding outside of my normal environment (bedroom, desk), I place them in my pocket or underneath my car keys. My older sibling in now in his mid-50's and I still haven't been able to have him adopt this simple technique.
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  16. JimInOz Melbourne Australia Nov 17, 2023

    Came back from a six week European holiday.
    Couldn't remember where I'd hidden the front door key.
    Had to wait for our neighbour who had a remote to our garage door to come home from work.
    Then I couldn't remember where I'd hidden computers/watches etc.
    Later on, open a seldom used cupboard in the laundry and "Ah yeah, that's where it is!".
    Now when I go away, I use Notes to list items and hiding places so even if I lose my phone, it's all in iCloud.
  17. Watch my Whisky Nov 17, 2023

    Except puppies.
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  18. blubarb Nov 18, 2023

    What can I say....but you....wait for it....::rimshot:: (k)need to find it. ::facepalm1::
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  19. Pastorbottle Nov 18, 2023

    That workshop is way too tidy!
    What we call crows here in Oz are actually ravens, yeah their are a few that lurk about with intent but I doubt they go into the workshop especially all the way up to the back, shitloads of shiny stuff on the way and easier to carry. They seem more interested in trying to steal food from the magpies, who I feed.
    You should always make friends with you local magpies, that way they won’t swoop you and have your eye out!
    They can recognise many people and definitely know who they do and don’t like.
    those smart little buggers are always wandering in and out of the workshop.

    BTW the search continues, been through the rubbish bins and through all sorts of stuff… not there
    Edited Nov 18, 2023
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  20. mcemeren Nov 18, 2023

    Sorry to hear that, the checklist as it goes, pockets of any kind, bags, tool boxes, smart-ass spouse taking care of you more than you do etc...