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Some interesting observations on my 22409

  1. Mark020 not the sharpest pencil in the ΩF drawer May 25, 2021

    As mentioned in the EBay thread it finally arrived! Gave it a quick clean and after that made some pics. I recently acquired a no name VJ 22 with Spillman case and inverse pushers. The case is very similar to a 22409 but I think there are some subtle differences.

    IMG_8209.JPG IMG_8212.JPG

    Another very interesting thing is the movement serial. I have a database with >900 of them and exactly zero doubles. Up until now...

    I have little doubt about the serial/movement combi of my 22409:
    1.009.643 and 210.641 because close siblings are:
    with 1.009.577 and 210.576 and
    with 1.009.728 and 210.571

    But I also have this one in my database:
    So reference 31223 and serial: 1.126.052 and 210.641. An identical movement serial!

    Closest serials around it I have on record have movement numbers of 196k and 281k so this one seems to be out of range. Or not?

    2 other 31223's :
    Both have a (close) movement.

    IMG_8216.JPG 210641.jpg

    There may be a couple of options to explain this:
    1) Faked movement serial
    2) UG used the same numbers for both chrono and time only movements
    3) Someone at UG made a mistake when sharing the designated movement numbers with the movement producers/the departement which made the inscriptions.

    IMHO 1 is unlikely. If 2 why don't I have more examples. That leaves 3 but that also does not feel very Swiss....
    Edited May 25, 2021
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