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Retrospective on the Seiko Ananta Phoenix watches

  1. georgeszaslavsky Jul 18, 2021


    Today post rather as a history or retrospective to discover/rediscover what was the Ananta Brightz Phoenix range, this luxury range from Seiko that was part of the Brightz range and the Brightz range was manufactured from 2009 to 2015 before giving way to the presage range and before the reintroduction in force of the GS range in the 2010s. The SAGH models used Seiko's 6S series of high-end, rugged column-wheel, horizontal-clutch automatic chronographs. The 6S calibers are Seiko's three-register column-wheel chronographs. This movement was both automatic and could also be wound manually. The 6S28 caliber used in the Brightz Phoenix was a 34-jewel automatic chronograph with date calendar. One of the special features of this movement is that it is one of the high-end mechanical movements made entirely in-house by Seiko's Shizukuishi Watch Studio (in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan). Seiko justifies the title of manufacture because every part of the movement, including the balance spring, can be made in-house. Approximately 15,000 mechanical watches were assembled each year at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio. This watch, as well as the SAGK003, were designed for the Japanese domestic market only. This probably explains why you didn't see them on the Seiko website. You could find information about Seiko's high-end movements by reading this article on Fine Watchmaking, which I used as a source for some of the information contained here. After 2009 after having sold its 6S37 to TAG which will be named by TAG cal 1887 then 01, Seiko revolutionizes watchmaking with the 8R28 which was presented at Basel in 2008 which included a three point hammer allowing an optimal realignment of the hands when resetting the chronograph with flyback function, a quick date jump at midnight and a spron 510 mainspring. The range of the 3 hands was not very large as there were three models, the two classic SAGQ001 and 003 and the SAGQ007 which used the 8L35 (a Grand Seiko caliber 9S55 undecorated). The dials on the Ananta Brightz Phoenix were all enameled. Very few exported at the time and massively sold on the Asian market, these are very high quality and rare pieces that are worth a look .

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