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Polerouter Date Bracelet Question

  1. Accipiter83

    Accipiter83 Dec 23, 2019


    I have bought a UG Polerouter Date with a bracelet like this one:

    Sadly it have not clasp. Is missed, and I'm trying to get any kind of information about this model.

    Does anyone have this bracelet to show me how is the clasp? Is the bracelet a Gay Freres model or is it almost as wanted as the GF model? The endlinks have not stamps on it.

  2. CafeRacer

    CafeRacer Dec 24, 2019

    The bracelet you posted links to, is not made by Gay Freres.
    The later 1970s White/Dark shadow models came with a similar-looking bracelet, which was made by GF, but not offered with the polerouter.

    The one you have linked to is probably a US-market JB Champion.
    They made a lot of generic/unbranded as well as branded bracelets - probably why yours has an unmarked (is that what you mean? or is it entirely missing?) clasp.

    They are not anywhere near as sought after as original Polerouter GF bracelets.
  3. Accipiter83

    Accipiter83 Dec 24, 2019

    Thanks a lot for your information, Caferacer. You and your website have helped me a lot.

    I wanted to say that the clasp is entirely missing. I only have the unmarked endlinks and links so I don't have any kind of reference of information for the bracelet except the links I have posted above.

    I think that get a new clasp fron this era (my PRD is a 204612/2) may be worth it, but I need an image or reference for the clasp in order to look for it.

    Please, if you have any kind of this information let me know.

    Happy Christmas!