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Omega quick release interchangeable band/bracelet

  1. bthUK Mar 4, 2021

    It amazes my that OEM leather straps from virtually all manufacturers can be priced very highly, but don't come with QR pins. (also that Bergeon charge over £300 for a tool to cut QR slots, but that's a different matter). I find it intensely irritating to have to distort a lovely expensive leather strap, and possibly to scratch the lugs, in order to remove the fitted strap.

    Bracelets are maybe a bit different, but it's still nice to see a number of inventive solutions to assist the process. Bracelet micro adjust technology also needs addressing, as well as making bracelets easier to size.

    You buy a high end watch, but you still have to use barbaric tools to change the appearance of the strap. Christopher Ward can do bracelets with a QR change mechanism, and integral micro adjusts for well under £200. They actually have a standard bracelet with different end links to suit the particular watch case. They don't sell these things separately but they should. And have simple screw links in high end bracelets. Why would you have any other system?

    You buy a high end car, and the seats now come with electric seat adjustment in multiple directions with multiple memory positions. That's the way to do it. Improve the product for the customer.

    While I am on a roll, what about display case backs. Why don't OEM's produce a display case back as an accessory for all their watches. I am not bothered about WR. I would just love to be able to replace a solid case back with a display case back. I don't really care how undecorated the movement is. I just like to be able to see it. If they had the sense to standardise their case backs they could then have a standard display back option. They would sell thousands of them. I am sure an enterprising manufacturer could even do the same thing as a third party addon.
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