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Omega 351 or fun with sourcing watch parts.

  1. sheepdoll Jan 9, 2023

    So one of the first images I posted when I joined the forums was this. IMG_3272.png
    There were two rusty tin cans. The other one contained a Landeron 48, which I mostly restored (then went down the rabbit hole of the other 9 Landerons I now have. (or is it 12?)(

    One thing was evident when I transferred the parts to a see through box was that there was no balance. (or balance jewels. I also thought the 4th wheel seconds pinion was snapped off. (Look again -- this is center seconds.)

    So for the last few months (has it really been six months?) I have been watching auctions for a 330 1327. I missed out on one with broken staffs for 35 bucks. AKA the fish that got away. Most balance completes for this caliber are in the 220USD price range.

    It turned out that the chronograph was the good one and this watch was the goat.

    It is possible a 28.10 1327 balance complete might fit, but those are 60 to 100 bucks. There was however a partial plate with a good balance which I also added to the watch list.

    Recently I got a BIN for the partial movement at over half off. Which put it at the low end of what these balances tend to be offered for. So I impulsed it. This part came today.

    Bit more watch than I need, still a good way to pack a balance complete. And it even has the jewels and a few other parts which may be of use.

    So I set out to see how much a watch I do have.

    Almost there. But for some strange missing parts. Years ago I bought a collection of omega spare parts. As can be seen there are a lot of 330 parts. I noticed when I opened the plastic tray that the mainspring was missing.

    Thought I would need to get one. I did not want to get any more parts till I had a balance. Sure enough I have several 330 mainsprings in the cardboard box I often use as a photo background.

    The weird thing is what else is missing. Most of the balance bridge is there, but for the U spring clip and jewels. Which is no longer needed as I have a complete bridge and jewels.

    The stem is there with a crown (Unsigned) But no clutch. There are many stems in the spare parts department. A few staffs as well.

    There is also only a single hand (minute) There are also two hour wheels in the box (one being for a small ladies watch.) The other is probably the correct one. Another annoyingly missing part is the cannon pinion. There is a real temptation to simply BIN one.

    It is possible that the part jumped out over the decades. While I did take an 18 or so year break from this madness, I would on occasion open the drawers and look at things.

    Most disconcerting is the absence of a barrel arbor. I keep resisting the urge tonight to simply BIN a new one as that part seems quite common.

    I did notice that when searching for parts that it looks like the seller also has most of the other half of the watch listed. Which other than the few parts missing is of no interest as that would have no balance.

    I may also have a NOS dial. Not sure if that would fit this or not. Looks to be from a later era late 1950s rather than late 1940s or early 1950s. (the 12 million S/N puts this movement at 1950)

    I still think this would look good in a SS 2577 case. Those however do not seem to be too common, at least in the empty condition.

    There is a chance the missing parts are in the trays where I found the parts to assemble the 5 A Schild watches. When ever I do find a loose part it gets placed into those sorted trays. Now I am debating if I should clean what I have and look for something close. Or simply BIN the two parts I need. As for the missing hour hand, I seemed to constantly be sweeping watch hands and screws off the floor especially when looking for surface mount resistors. (must have spilled a tray once sometime in the last 18 years without noticing I dropped it)

    The smart thing would be to then sell off the extra parts, So I am not tempted to see if I can assemble two of these. But for that pesky balance complete.
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  2. sheepdoll Feb 4, 2023


    Sorting the parts on the bench. Missing quite a few screws. I decided to clean what I have anyway. Once of the screws in the existing plate had cosmetic rust on it so I decided to soak it in Alum.

    In the meantime I thought I might test fit parts to the new balance plate. This came with a winding clutch, and a broken stem. I transferred them. I think the plate may be worn as the stem keeps jumping out. The set lever wobbles. Looks like there is quite a bit of wear where the stem axle fits into the plate.

    Being this is a watch the yoke spring vanished when I went to oil it. So much of the evening was sweeping the floor. I did find the missing Val-72 eccentric as I swept behind the bench with a magnet. So there will be at least one more update on that watch. I also found more AS 1187/94 screws.

    In the mean time I found a spare yoke spring that is close. So I can continue with the re-assembley Which will at least keep the parts together. Did find a canon pinion but I do not know if it is the right one. Still missing the hour hand.

    Omegas are great watches to work on. Everything is so nicely made.
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  3. sheepdoll Feb 6, 2023

    The old goat lives!

    New (old stock) mainspring and an eBay balance. As noted I had a lot of spare parts for this caliber. Not sure why I need ten winding stems.

    Some how most of the bridge screws vanished. I thought I had an assortment of Omega screws, but they are probably for a different caliber. There are enough to get the basic watch ticking. Which is the best part. That moment when the balance starts up on it's own.

    Next up will be to attach the sweep seconds assembly. The cannon pinion though is missing. It is hard to match the ones in the spares. I also as I have repeatedly written found it strange the hour hand is no where to be found. I do keep finding hands on the floor. (Which seems to be swept daily.)

    Looks like all the automatic stuff is there (apart from the missing bridge screws.) Since I do not have a case for this, those parts are not really a high priority.

    Always curious the spares. I got this assortment of spares years ago. There were 3 mainsprings, two escape wheels and as noted 10 winding stems. There are also a number of set lever springs. Too bad there are not more set lever screws as one is missing.

    The plate that the balance came on turned out to be worn in the winding arbor pivot. It did however have good screws in the banking stop spring box. The screw on the good plate was rusted. So I suspect that there may have been some water inclusion. As noted the balance plate movement did have the needed winding parts.

    I did get lucky on this as the balance was as advertised. Still it does show hazards of online part sourcing. The circled detail shows the stress crack on the winding stem arbor pivot. When I put the new stem on it kept popping out even though the set lever was tight. This is something to watch out for when getting these old beaters, often they are well used. There must have been some real force to break the old stem.

    Curiously a center wheel was jammed tight into one of the other holes. The existing wheel looks to be in good condition. I have had the collection of 'goat' parts for several decades. Probably 25 years or more. So that is 25 less years of wear on this. I still find it ironic that this watch is now called goat. The timecraft landeron 48 movement 'Tok' turned out to be the better in a way. That movement though is now known as 'rabbit,' for all the rabbit holes it lead me down.

    I am still tempted to put the old parts on the bay 99 cents No reserve with full disclosure, as I find it hard to simply tip them in the trash. I think the subtitle, should be 'only good for art projects.'
    Edited Feb 6, 2023
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  4. sheepdoll Feb 7, 2023


    A good day for watchmaking.

    I put the sweep arbor and bridge onto the 351 with some rando sweep hand. This way I could watch it tick while I sorted through hands and other parts.

    No luck finding any more parts to this movement. I did drop another part. In looking for that I found the correct yoke spring. So the watch now has the proper yoke spring.

    Not really more I can do with this until I find the cannon pinion. Probably will need to get a new one as the closest is just slightly too large. Hard to know when the watch has been dissembled so long if I ever had the other parts. I do keep checking the back of the cell phone. I am finding the zoom on the iPhone is getting much better close ups of things.
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  5. sheepdoll Feb 10, 2023


    Too much watch making happiness. Spent most of Wednesday sorting through watch hands, and double checking the landeron trays for possible misplaced omega parts that may have gotten stuck to the iPhone magnet over the last few months.

    Some of the hands seemed to have found their way onto the floor over ages past. These have been collected in lost parts trays. Another watchmaker had used one of the parts assortment tube cases to save watch hands. At one time these may have been by caliber. I decided to sort them according to one of the threads recently posted here.
    This way I was able to find some candidates for the missing hour hand. (Omega hands are offered on the bay for over 100 buck a pair.) So finding the correct hand could be of use. Hard to say that a rando pair from the bay will even fit the dial?

    I have another hand assortment which some clever watch maker put into one of those 1950s photo wallets. (I guess they expected one to have a lot of children grandchildren.)
    (Note the Lemania 1280 (also missing an hour hand) waiting in the wings.

    Nothing in these pages seems to be Omega, But there is a wealth of AS hands.
    I got the Wakmann hands from this page.

    So that leaves us with only 2 candidate hands.
    The minute hand is centered between the two. Not having a cannon pinion makes it awkward. I found one that is too large and another that is too small. I am not even sure the hour wheel is the correct one, although it was in the tin with the watch.

    I do have a 550 cannon pinion which I do not want to remove from packaging. Have not had the time to cross reference it. It gives an idea of what an Omega cannon pinion should look like.

    Also have two nearly identical Omega 344 in a 2576 case. One of them is in need of a good service, So I am contemplating disassembling it for comparison. Shares the same 330 base caliber. Not sure though about the center wheel/cannon pinion though as the 344 is not center seconds.

    It is also easy to go down the Landeron rabbit hole. While sorting parts I let the balances soak in alum.

    One watch at a time I tell myself, one watch at a time ...
  6. sheepdoll Feb 11, 2023

    While waiting for a new cannon pinion I decided to disassemble an Omega 344.

    I also found another bottle of assorted screws. This bottle seems to have plate screws and some tiny set spring screws. Somehow I overlooked it in all my other searching through parts while waiting for the next burst of motivation. Strange how I keep finding things, but never the item I want or am looking for.

    Here is the latest state of this watch. All the winding system is now accounted for. The screws are not an exact match (of the 344 screws) but they are pretty close.


    I also found a good candidate for the hour hand. Which was also shown in a prior update. The hour wheels for the 351 and 344 seem to be the same. I notice that under the black light the lume on these does not jump out as much as on other hands. I have not checked the rads on these yet. The color looks the same.

    The dial is stained next to the 3. This is consistent with the rust on the bumper spring holder screw, the tip of the bumper spring is also missing the last coil or so which seems to have rusted away. I probably should get a new bumper spring. I have two empty envelopes for this part. So far I have not noticed any loose rectangular (well ovoid) springs floating about in the misc parts trays. There does remain enough spring to bounce the weight.

    Another interesting thing I noticed, Is that when the watch winds, the crown turns. This could possibly explain why the parts movement plate is so worn on the stem axel. (otherwise I would simply swap the plate while I am waiting for the screw to etch out.)

    There are times when I feel I am rushing this, as I do not have a case for it. It always seems like there is one more part/skill needed to get the watch working again. Still I now know what the name of this watch now is. 'lucky the goat.'
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  7. sheepdoll Feb 17, 2023

    Now with canon pinion. I can test fit the dial and hands. Will be a week or more before I get the new sweep hand. I do not think the hour hand is quite correct. It does fit. The lume in it is quite small in comparison to the hour hand. The lume color is the same, and it does match the minute arrows, so it will have to do. Hands for these old watches are hard to come by. Especially one with the smaller minute track.

    The dial retention screws are also missing. I checked to make sure I did not etch them out like I did on one of the AS 1194 plates. I did however etch out the case retaining pin.

    Not the best of dials, but it has character. These parts have been in a drawer for decades in a tin can. Not bad for only needing three parts to get this far. Barrel arbor, canon pinion and the upcoming sweep hand.

    Still need to source a case. That is going to be a long term search. Especially to find just an empty case. Otherwise, one has to deal with extra movement parts which only adds to the cycle.
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  8. sheepdoll Aug 14, 2023

    Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 8.25.09 PM.png

    Arrived surprisingly quick. Seller had this listed for 225USD. I tried to get a case for under 200 a few months back and was out bid in the last seconds.

    Still a penny for pound project. When I etched the broken screw, it also etched the pin what holds the watch in the case. I do not have the case clamp. There is also no crystal. I have an old S. LaRose crystal assortment.

    I did get the last sweep hand OFrei had. Have not fitted it yet. I also do not think I found the right hour hand, although this one fits the best with the same lume color as the minute hand.

    Case may be a bit of a franken. The markings on the back were polished off and someones initials crudely engraved. RMC which I do not think is the Royal Marine Core. There is no seamaster on the dial, so the lack of a hippocampus is not a big deal. This case has the thinner lugs which I think look better with my dial. Case is over polished, but I am not complaining. The photos made it look worn down to the brass, although it seems to be stainless steel.


    Will also need to get a crown and case tube. I had the stem in my spare parts dept and grabbed a rando crown for testing.

    This will always be the goat watch. As in the old Monty Hall gag of what is behind door number 3. The other tin had a Landeron 48 in it.

    Will be strange to not be constantly searching for the term 2577.
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