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Japan Marui Pandas 3510.21 vs 3539.31

  1. Rollied

    Rollied Jan 14, 2020

    As my first post on OF, hello all! I hail from the SF Bay Area and here to present you my current dilemma.

    I’ve recently learned about and became very intrigued by the Marui Panda(s). Apparently these are reduced Speedmaster with a white dial and black sundials with white hands that were sold only in Marui department stores in Japan, for a limited time.

    The further I dug on these fascinating pieces, I found there were two, the 3510.21 and the 3539.31. I know there are basic differences: the bracelet, crystal, WR, and movement. However they seem to be manufactured during the same periods, late 90s early 2000s.

    I’ve read claims where some stated one is rarer than the other? Does it mean one was a limited production and the other wasn’t? It seems strange that two very similar watches with different specs were produced during the same periods of time.