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  1. PaulHelmuth Jan 2, 2020


    I have decent stereo microscope that I purchased for working on watches. Nice wide field and 8" working distance. Mag is 3.5-45x. Very happy with the scope (it's from AmScope [SM-1BSX-64S]).

    Recently I purchased a 5 mega-pixel USB eyepiece camera to stream live video to a computer screen - and to capture still images (for macro photography of watch work). I also purchased that from the AmScope. It came with software - and it terrible. Barely usable.

    Are there any good "eyepiece camera" products that come with software and do a decent job with live video and capturing still-frame?

    And when I say decent job with live video - I mean that the update and image quality is such that I could work from the PC monitor rather than looking through the microscope eyepieces.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post - but thought I'd try this forum first.

    Many thanks,
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