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  1. Moorman89

    Moorman89 Aug 14, 2019 2:26pm

    Hello everybody,

    I've just joined the community so correct me if I'm wrong. I was wondering, are there some typical issues with these models ? I'm about to buy the watch , unfortunately he can't open the watch to show me the movement. price tag around 900

    W . Mo
    rCLPpWj.jpg ijXnR8E.jpg iNqZ9Ok.jpg 6GWd1Xu.jpg AS1O28A.jpg YRPERf6.jpg mGpyqsk.jpg AlqA9H5.jpg bd7UjbA.jpg KAzMqzD.jpg qNz7iNK.jpg pwgIzxM.jpg TtyfqJk.jpg
  2. Mafkees

    Mafkees Aug 14, 2019 2:42pm

    The watch looks decent to me, barring the handful of missing lume dots.
    The plexi does seem substantially cracked around the edges.
    The mismatching lume in the hour and minutes hand is also a bit off-putting, in my opinion.

    900 (€? $?) is way overpriced. I'd argue that price is pushing it even for a mint example because you enter Connie C-case territory at that point. This one probably shouldn't cost more than €600.
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