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  1. marco

    marco Sep 13, 2019

    This is a big thumbs up for Gary Clark of Clark crystals. I was told that T38 non cyclops plexie would fit my 1675 GMT. I did the usual searching on the interwebs and decided to buy T38 from Clarks. I might add it was not expensive and arrived promptly, here is where it started to go wrong. My watchmaker said it didnt fit.
    I got back to Mr Clark who told me he had sold many of these crystals with no problem and perhaps I should try another watchmaker.
    He offered me a refund which I accepted, this happened almost immediately. Mr Clark said that in the interests of having satisfied customers I could keep the T38.
    In my experiance this is a great attitude for an ebay seller and have pleasure in recommending him.

    In contrast another previous ebay purchase was a disaster, I bought a Girard Perregaux buckle from Germany, they sent the wrong size. I returned it only to hear it never arrived ! Money gone.
    This is just a warning to not make this mistake but use the ebay return system and not just post it yourself.
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