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FS Zenith El Primero A386 $16,250 USD

  1. Cad290 Jul 25, 2017

    Hello All!

    My first OF sales post, any constructive criticism or helpful suggestions will be appreciated. For sale from my personal collection is a nice original Zenith El Primero A386 Mark III. I am not an expert on these so I will let the pictures do the talking mostly.
    image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG image4.JPG image5.JPG image6.JPG image7.JPG image8.JPG image9.JPG image10.JPG image12.JPG image13.JPG

    Note: I just ordered a rubber ball caseback opening tool. Once I have received it and gotten the watch open I will upload movement photos, as I'm sure any prospective buyer will want to see them.

    The case looks pretty sharp to me. The lume from the hour and minute hands has fallen out at some point, the lume on the dial still glows faintly after exposure to bright light/blacklight (happy to provide photos of this). Service history is unknown, I have not serviced the watch while I have owned it as it has been functioning with no issues. I recently wore it for a week, only winding it once at the start, and it gained 20 seconds over the course of the week compared to my phone. The watch winds nice and smooth, the action on the chrono pushers is crisp and easy, everything resets to zero. I have had nothing replaced on the watch, and I haven't had the watch polished, but I don't know what, if anything, was done to it before I owned it.

    I am selling so that I can continue to buy Speedmasters without my fiancee leaving me. The watch is sold head only, no accessories included. My price is $16,250 net to me OBO, I will pay for shipping in the USA. International buyers welcome, we can discuss shipping. Watch is sold as is, with returns only accepted if the watch is glaringly not as described. This is my first sales post on OF, however I have sold to or traded with @watchknut @SgWatchBaron and @Kringkily and they can confirm we had successful and pleasant transactions.

    Thanks for the space OF!
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