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Your watches that have the highest monetary and sentimental value

  1. Aaron713 Jul 30, 2020

    Grandpa's daily-worn early 90's Speedy (in my avatar) is a sentimental favorite. So is his high school graduation watch (engraved with his name and the year 1946) which is a pristine, small square Lord Elgin. His family was dirt poor, so it's remarkable that he got it in the first place - it had to be a very special present to him. It's on a new band, but is way too tiny to wear for a modern adult man, anyway.
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  2. Dedalus05 Jul 30, 2020

    Not overly attached to any of my watches (I bought them all myself), but I do love looking at them. And they grow on me in ways I can't describe. I love wearing them.

    The most valuable is (theoretically) my JLC Ultra Thin Date. I think when I get round to it I'll swap it out for a Speedy Pro. Though I see a similar one going for USD 8k+ online, honestly, I'd be doing better out of such a deaI I think. It is easier to get attached to a "tool watch" I suppose.

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  3. texasmade Jul 30, 2020

    Watch with the most sentimental value would be my SMP 300M; the one that Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royal. It was my first luxury watch purchased.

    The one with the most value is my AP Royal Oak 15400 silver dial. It's currently sitting in a box right now because I've been going more casual. The SMP is back on my wrist at the moment.
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  4. ngo516 Jul 30, 2020

    Breitling Datora is my most valued item. Girlfriend at the time (wife now, of course) saved an entire year of rent, (on her own!!!) to put this on my desk. She was sick of me looking and drooling at it for two years. It was a lot of money. No sane person would buy a wrist rock for that price. That woman is my God.

    The disease raged on, and I added a Breguet La Tradition a few years back. It's the mechanical watch of all mechanical watches. It tics loud and it winds with a satisfy clicking of each teeth. God damn, this thing is distractingly beautiful on the wrist.

    WARNING: Do not look at the GIF of my BREGUET 7057 below. It's hypnotic! You have been warned!!!

    IMG_0925.JPG ezgif-6-093d50e99b6c.gif
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