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  1. sheepdoll Nov 16, 2023

    So I have been lusting after these Val-22 parts for nearly a year or so. Watching them cycle through the watchlist dreading to see the listing end. I suspect many took a pass on this as there are landeron parts mixed in and the plate is marked 48. Since I have half a dozen Landeron 48/248 parts from another similar lot purchase, I can always use extra landeron parts.

    Finally I was in the position to pull the switch and the stuff came


    The easiest way to sort the parts was to assemble them. This also has the advantage of keeping them all together.

    Some of the tick tock parts are missing. Which was not surprising. It was slightly surprising that the barrel was missing since there was a barrel in the auction listing photo. That barrel photo does not fit. It is too large.

    The center wheel and 4th wheel are also missing. 4th wheels on chronos are often damaged so this is not unexpected.

    Assembling what I could of the watch I got this:

    The chronograph is all mostly there. A few screws are missing. Namely the breaking lever shoulder screw. I do not see it in the auction photo.

    I have a new barrel and center wheel on the way. Putting them in the watchlist, I got buy it now offers. Val-22 parts are not as common as Val 72 parts. The do turn up. Such parts are still on the pricey side. I probably could have taken a pass on this and bid on a more complete movement which also sold last week for what this will probably cost me in the end.

    The thing is I like THESE parts. I have been looking at this listing for months and months. Somehow I have become emotionally attached to this watch. It is a pretty watch. I am also partial to El rusto, and the goat movements for similar reasons. -- have some new parts coming in for that as well.

    The balance also swings free. The dial side pivot does look a bit short under the loupe, but there is enough for it to swing. That was a real bonus as balances for these are more than I paid for the whole set of parts. Surprisingly the ratchet wheel may be the expensive piece. Now that I am back to pinching pennies. Too bad the ratchet wheels I have do not fit. 4th wheel will be up there as well. The missing screws may also be a problem, although screws can be made. Which usually means the watch winds up in the desired project drawer. The hammer spring and minute register spring are also the bane of these. Same applies, these are parts that can be made with simple tools.

    Interesting enough, I have bought some complete cased watches, which I have yet to work on. There is something about a collection of random parts I find intriguing.

    And of the extra parts? IMG_4251.png
    Mostly screws. I think these are landeron bridge screws. The motionworks was not installed as there is no center wheel. Perhaps someone else though that barrel might fit.

    We are in a unique time. Where with a few clicks and quite a few $$$ most any part can be found with patience and perseverance. Why I chose to put this under Unique complicated watches rather than watchmaking. Since this is really part sourcing.

    As for the landerons. The obvious landeron parts went into the landeron tray.

    Too bad the ratchet wheel is not for a Val-22/71. Then one does not want thing too easy. And I have dozens more projects to contemplate ...
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  2. Canuck Nov 17, 2023

    Now that is dedication to the craft! You did where thousands wouldn’t!
  3. sheepdoll Nov 22, 2023

    The first batch of parts arrived ...

    So I could not wait to try them. First I had to remove the drive wheel from the extra bridge.


    The finsh on the spare bridge is not as nice. So on goes the real bridge. And the wheel runs true. This part is a keeper.

    Hard to fully test the train without the center wheel. Looks like it may have cleared custums. So the parts are in the Black Friday shipping mill. I think I am going to nickname this movement "Black Friday."

    Good thing I am busy this weekend, so I will not be fretting away waiting for the next batch of parts.

    Even better I went through some spare Valjoux screw assortment I got for el Rusto, and may have found screws that will work for some of the missing screws.