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  1. TheGreekPhysique May 22, 2022

    Starting/continuing my sell off to recoup funds from the latest purchase. This one is one of the watches I got a while back when I bought 46 watches from a flea market. I am working through cleaning them up and fixing them as I learn more about movements. This one was running so I just cleaned it up and polished the crystal. I think it came out pretty good!


    Dial: The white sunburst dial is very attractive with light spotting throughout. The tritium lume has aged to a beautiful custard cream with even and matching patina on the markers and hands. The crystal has been freshly polished.

    CASE: The 34mm chrome and stainless steel back case is very crisp and likely never polished. The case even sports what I imagine to be the original sticker still on the back but I am not sure on that one!

    Movement: The service history for this movement is unknown but the watch is running. Service is recommended prior to daily wear.

    BRACELET: Head only

    PRICE: $125, shipped and insured CONUS.

    Payment: Venmo, cash or wire.

    Returns: No returns.

    IMG_3272.jpg View attachment 1419123 IMG_3266.jpg IMG_3259.jpg IMG_3260.jpg IMG_3265.jpg IMG_3264.jpg IMG_3261.jpg IMG_3263.jpg
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  2. JwRosenthal May 22, 2022

    The lugs are the star on this one. Cool watch for the price of a dinner for two- without wine.
  3. AAAKK First listing in the ΩF B2B phone book May 22, 2022

    Cool lugs, they have a tuning fork vibe