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SOLD Vintage Steel Omega Chronograph, Caliber 27 CHRO, Ref 2451

  1. toddle321 Mar 16, 2023

    Refocusing the collection a bit, so will be selling a few pieces in the next couple weeks. First up for grabs is an Omega 2451, cal 27 CHRO (predecessor to the 321) Chronograph. The watch comes with two dials. It’s currently fitted with the dial you see in most of the pictures, I will include the original dial as well in case you want to change it back. Both are original dials, I preferred the one currently fitted - I’ve only seen a few like it.

    Dial/Hands: two dials included as mentioned above, Both are original Omega dials.

    Case: Steel 2451 reference case marked 174 (as many are). Case has a deep scratch on the lower right lug and also on the case back, it has wear/dings/scratches as pictured. Crown has been replaced.

    Movement: Service history is unknown, movement runs fine and keeps good time. Hour register has chrono creep, so a service is recommended. Serial is 10.8M.

    Accessories: Sold head only, pictured bracelet not included.

    SOLD $3,000 USD including Shipping in the US via FedEx included, worldwide shipping method to be discussed, I have parcelpro.

    References are in the seller reviews section or I can send along upon request. Thanks OF!
    5043C051-E46A-46B3-B115-6BDA28759C4A.jpeg F56AA689-77F6-4395-8634-CC5E0FBADC23.jpeg D5246ABB-488A-4AA7-AD00-D964D2B410FB.jpeg 100CE995-1DBF-4ABC-ADF3-7DEC3931EE74.jpeg 7949896D-CA56-47BE-BC3F-A8B1F6F37B42.jpeg 100D5A35-C003-4E27-AD97-6B463679971A.jpeg 016F473D-9FA8-44C0-893E-C2718D37A283.jpeg A624832C-856E-46E8-8D87-5F6EA44209D5.jpeg E9C2E014-EA5D-494D-A470-7A6DE729F7EB.jpeg B812A5B8-0C1B-410B-9ECD-5E3F917A7939.jpeg 61630C8E-D60D-4138-8AB0-9C2953B07BDB.jpeg EC516773-8916-40B7-A7C7-E4E8613B8269.jpeg A4E28BBA-BF7A-4625-BE89-B0859BAB4C41.jpeg 25EDA2C9-78E5-4741-82F7-DD73B2D50090.jpeg
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