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Tudor 7809 with Arabic numbers

  1. dmcleod Jan 15, 2021


    I'm still very new here and to the world of vintage watches.

    I've been having an informative discussion here: and have somewhat narrowed my search for a vintage watch to a Tudor 7809 reference. I am after the version with numbers all the way around the dial like this one:

    The other model that I was considering was a Tudor 951 such as this:

    The advice I received in that discussion was that a bumper watch was likely less reliable for daily use.

    I should state as well that I am hoping to get one watch and not start a collection, so ideally I will be able to wear it daily. I really like the idea of owning a vintage watch and not a modern reproduction and am prepared to maintain it to keep it working well. The 7809 (and 951) are beautiful to me in a way that I haven't really encountered with a modern brand. I love the character that the numbers give compared with indices. I also appreciate the simplicity of it - I am not after the date, sub-seconds, or any other complications. I also really like the very precise looking minutes track around the perimeter of the face. And the delicate hands.

    If anyone has any suggestions of where to look for such a piece, I would be grateful. Thanks!

  2. Canuck Jan 16, 2021

    First of all, the first one you showed is not a bumper automatic. And since I have never seen a Tudor automatic with a bumper movement, I very much doubt that the second one is a bumper, either! Thirdly, in my opinion (and there will be other opinions), you don’t want that caliber of Tudor movement! They are far and away one of the worst designs of an auto wind movement that I have ever seen or worked on! Fourthly, the person who wrote that ad could make a gold plated turd sound like the find of a lifetime! Fifth. The numerals on that dial are NOT applied numerals. It is a die struck dial. OF members prefer pictures to links. As to where else to look? Bon chance,
  3. DaveK Yoda of Yodelers Jan 16, 2021

    Hi Derek

    Kindly provide some photos to accompany the links in future posts. The culture here is to not follow links around too much. And besides, most of us are on our 6th cup of coffee, and can’t accurately click on links anymore

    Good luck with your search! :thumbsup:
  4. Dan S Jan 16, 2021

    The first is a full-rotor. The second on laurentfinewatches, is a bumper. I think it is an A Schild ebauche. I have seen a few of these, but they are definitely uncommon (OP: this does not make them particularly special or desirable). Obviously it would be more helpful if the OP would include photos.

    Good catch regarding the first dial being embossed.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 9.41.05 AM.png
    Edited Jan 16, 2021