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  1. sheepdoll Jun 24, 2023


    I finally found time after this months purchasing binge of a lot of 21 watches and about 5 other watches to look at these beauties.

    I think I got my monies worth on these three. I was more interested in some Generic 1950s watches (A Schild,Helbros etc.)

    Earlier in the year I sold off a bunch of random Seiko parts. I also acquired a book on the history Japanese watchmaking. @Foo2rama recommended I look for an SKX. I was sort of looking for something with a Pepsi bezel. Those will have to wait. Still I have been itching for some Seiko watches.

    So what did we get in the Lot O' watches?
    7009-8750 The crystal is shot, but it runs when moved. For a couple of bucks amortized this is sort of what I wanted to start with. Seems to be well made. The crystal is completely naff. The cracks run deep. Crystals seem to be available. Although a single crystal would cost about the same as this entire lot O' watches. I was able to find the data sheets. More than makes up for the empty cases and misc movements I sold.

    6923-8089 May be the star of the show! when I search this reference this is called the 'View to a Kill.' model. Never thought I would get a 'Bond watch.' VtaK is one of my more favorite Bond films. Set locally. By chance I was in Paris when it was being filmed. Was actually on the Eiffel tower when the backup stunt person jumped. I also got soaked from the sudden shower from one of the clouds what can be seen in the sky. My vacation photos show similar clouds in the sky.
    When I returned home, production was local. Too bad I was not able to find my way in as an extra. At the time I was also spending a lot of time at the Dunsmuir house which was a popular place for Scot's Games and Costume picnics. Too bad they did not show the interior. There is a tiffany stained glass dome above the stairway. It is evident that the interiors were shot back in England. Some of the scenes where windows are blown out is miniature work. Or falsework in front of the house.

    That film was one of the last to use miniature work before CGI took hold. The GG bridge stuff was also done in England as they would not allow film shooting on the bridge. My cousins in Marin would like to sneak up on the towers early in the morning. (and take selfies.) That is no longer possible due to all the CCTVs and such. I often say the bridge is best seen at 80MPH, which is also not possible now but was in the 1980s. One time I was crossing the big orange thing in fog, when there was a blinding flash. Turned out it was someone taking a photo of their friends. What a lot of people do not know is the GG bridge towers are about the same height as the Eiffel tower.

    This watch is a real score. Will be a good test piece when I start playing more with quartz watches. The battery was slightly corroded. That makes it all the more interesting...

    H601-5430 Not much of a watch. The stem is snapped off and the crystal looks like it was lost on a beach. The case is in poor shape. Parts seem to be available as are similar watches. Not sure if I will find the time and motivation to do much with it. I do have a lot of experience with LCD displays from the MIDI and pipe organ stuff. Some where I have a box of bare glass units. These are always fun to play with.

    Another item on my short list is to find a hybrid display watch with the curved LCD. There is no reason an LCD needs to be a rectangle.

    There is also the problem with watch addiction. These are only 3 of 21 all what want time to work with. Then there are the 5 more I acquired since which include another Omega ladies watch and a Tissot Autoquartz. So I have more watches than time to work with them.

    It is fun to simply have them on the desk to admire. That also helps when one sees interesting things online. I have actually been able NOT to bid on half again as many junk watches in the last week, just by finding these. Auction lots like this are somewhat rare.
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  2. Aroxx Jun 24, 2023

    I like that View to a Kill Seiko Quartz! I have a similar one that belonged to my grandfather. The applied logos look great and it ticks right to the hash marks. Best quality quartz I own. This reminds me, mine needs a new battery. I need to do that and put it back in rotation.


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  3. Aroxx Jun 25, 2023

    Back in action! Thanks @sheepdoll for the motivation. You’ll have to post pictures of yours once it’s all cleaned up!

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