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Tag Heuer Link chronograph issue

  1. Oct 28, 2023

    Dear fellow members,

    I am posting this time to look for some support here.

    I just purchased a Tag Heuer Link chronograph in pre-owned condition. Unfortunately I wasn't able to check it myself, working abroad. I bought it from a reputable online shop so I wasn't worried, but now that I am back and check it, I realize there is an issue with the watch, and I am out of the 30 days return policy...

    So the watch is working related to time keeping, the issue comes with the chronograph hands. When I received it, the hand for the chronograph seconds was not in the 12 position. I thought I just needed to reset it, but when I pressed the reset pusher the hand was just shaking but not rotating. I then pressed the start/stop pusher and the hand looks like it tries to move but gets blocked and stays at the same place. Then pressing stop and then reset, the hand shakes also but stays in place. After doing this several times, I discovered that from time to time the hands start moving, but then the reset pusher places the hand on a completely different position.

    I also tried to set the hands manually but I face the same issues.

    I don't know if it is related to a faulty battery, or if anything else can be done, advices would be appreciated.

    Here are two videos of the issue.

    Thank you very much