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Tag Heuer CK1110

  1. Jonathan40

    Jonathan40 Feb 19, 2019

    Hello all, by chance would one of you fine people be able to explain the chrono sub dials at 2 and 10 position please.
    I cannot get the 2 position one to move at all.
    The white second hand functions fine and resets to 12
    The Red minute hand (moved to 5 min position) functions correctly and resets to original position.
    The time seconds hand at 6 position functions correctly.
    Are the dials at 2 and 10 hours and days?
    Removing the crown to positions 2 and 3 allow movement of the chrono second, minute and sub dial at 10 but nothing will make the 2 located sub dial move?
    Any help advice greatly appreciated
    5D6D79CD-E10D-4030-BFBC-56DED9F27A6F.jpeg E98321BC-8392-40EA-8B95-519B256CC68D.jpeg
    Edited Feb 19, 2019
  2. nttisch23

    nttisch23 Feb 24, 2019

    The 10 o’clock subdial should record how many hours the chronograph has been running. The 2 o’clock subdial records milliseconds, so the hand should spin around very fast while the Chrono is running. Other than that, I am not a watchmaker so you’ll need other incite as to why it is not functioning