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Show and tell, seiko 7C43-7000 korea

  1. Seacow Nov 15, 2022

    Seiko 7C43 development from the famous 7548 series diver watch. The best high torque quartz watch at the time. From late 80s seiko stopped producing 7548 series. And moving on to 7C43. The biggest difference is they added professional on the dial for the overseas market. And the bezel changed from by direction to uni direction. Both models have SQ proudly marked on the dial for the overseas market.

    Now the rare of the rarest of those 7c43 is the 7c43 7000 made at Korea. They have different color print on the dial ( more red than orange compared to JDM model.) They also have greenish lume compared to JDM 7C43. And I am surprised they still light up after 30 years!
    Therefore, it must be a different material than the JDM model. And the dial lack of suwa sign.

    I believe they only made this model between 88 to 91. And way rare compared to JDM 7C43.

    Here are some pictures for two korea model. And both of them come from soul! .

    Hope all you enjoy.

    20221101_161651.jpg 20221031_143340.jpg 20221031_135827.jpg
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  2. morethan1 Nov 15, 2022

    looks good! interesting that they didn't bother to center the 2nd line of text "driver's 200m"