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Shabazz is a man of integrity and honesty

  1. Manong Jun 14, 2019

    I am new to this forum and made my first-ever purchase from a forum member @Shabbaz

    Being new to this experience and the amount involved in the purchase, I was worried (naturally).

    Throughout the process, Shabazz was kind, patient and understanding. He is honest about everything concerning the watch, cost, fees, shipping, lost or damages. We had a slight shipping challenge and he immediately took action to help facilitate the shipping.

    The SM120 arrived as promised, as advertised, and is now in a prominent position in my watch box.

    Because of this initial experience with Shabazz .... I am currently - with no hesitation- purchasing another watch from him, again.

    Thank you Shabazz. You are a man of integrity and honesty who values your reputation more than money or convenience! I am proud to refer you as my friend.

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