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  1. VetPsychWars

    VetPsychWars Wants to be in the club! Jun 18, 2019

    Alas, I need to "dump" some watches. Most of these are "recently" serviced. Some questions:

    1. How do you price them? See what similar have sold on eBay and if you paid more or put more into them, too darn bad?
    2. Do you price with service included, or just the worth of the watch?
    3. Include used straps?
    4. What information does a person want to know?
    5. Are movement pics mandatory?

    Most of these watches, the older ones, I have put some time and effort into getting them restored, more than just handing them over to the watchmaker and being uninvolved. I want sales, but I don't want to give these away and lose 70% of my investment just for a quick sale, if that makes sense.

    Thanks for your help. I likely would list them here at least at first.

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  2. Millenary Watches

    Millenary Watches Jun 18, 2019

    1.Browse a large number of ads for the same watch. Factor in condition, year, accessories, etc. Everything that may affect price. If you want an honest and correct idea of the reality, make sure you check finished/sold watches. There's a difference between what people advertise watches for and what they actually sell for. Do not get it twisted.;)
    2.Do not factor in service. Servicing generally has surprisingly little effect on a watch's value. Generally, it will just make it easier to sell. Of course, this depends what type of service. If the watch is in immaculate condition thanks to the service, and is completely original, while most others on the market are in poor condition, you can of course charge more for your watch.
    3.Most important thing is that the original straps are included (as it is otherwise not full set). Including straps is a nice bonus but does not really affect the price. Might make it slightly easier for you to sell, but generally not.
    4.The more the marrier. These are the most important things, though: Condition, year, accessories, warranty, does it keep time well.
    5.Movement pics are not mandatory. Especially not for modern watches. It is common to see peolpe opening up older watches and photographing these. If you photograph modern watches' movements, it will scare people away most of the time, but photographing the movement of older watches helps people see that it is a real watch with the correct movement. Not crucial, but can help sell it.

    Hope it helps!
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  3. Darlinboy

    Darlinboy Pratts! Will I B******S!!! Jun 18, 2019

    Market doesn’t care what you have invested. It also doesn’t care that you think a watch is cool or beautiful or whatever. A buyer wants only what s/he wants.

    Describe clearly, price fairly to comparable condition examples and should sell in a reasonable amount of time.

    Plenty of good sales ad examples if you browse the sold listings here on OF.

  4. JwRosenthal

    JwRosenthal Jun 18, 2019

    All the above is spot on, its all about researching comps. The key IMO is to not get emotional- if you feel the value is not "fair" compared to what you have invested- then you are emotionally involved and you should just keep it.
    When I sell anything, I divest my emotional value in it- it is a commodity and only worth what the market will bear, so if I invested $500 into something that's only worth $200, oh well. If you want it gone, just get it gone. If you are on the fence, then you aren't ready to sell.
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