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Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7000 - a risky buy?

  1. JimInOz Melbourne Australia Oct 24, 2022

    I'd been watching this one for a while, and due to its condition and the fact that the seller stated that all functions were correct, I took a chance.

    These are great watches. They use a monocoque case and the self-winding mechanism is integrated into the movement, resulting in a very thin auto movement.

    They do have an Achilles heel though. The tiny star wheel used to advance the day/date wheels is made of plastic, and after time and incorrect use have taken their toll, the teeth usually break and render the quick-set function useless.
    However, there are many 5606 movements that still function correctly, and unfortunately they are often bought for one single item, the star wheel, which is then harvested to repair similar movements in King Seikos et al.

    Not wanting this one to be gutted simply for a replacement part, I took a chance.

    (Seller's photo)

    I've already cleaned the bracelet to remove accumulated "stuff" and will service the rest of the watch later.

    BTW, the fragile star wheel has a solution. Adrian from Vintage Time Australia has replacements in stainless steel, these replace the plastic star, so that can be a solution if needed.
    However! It needs to be fitted by a watchmaker, or somebody with the necessary skills and equipment, but I have that covered ;).
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  2. dude88 Oct 24, 2022

    I love the 5606-7000 Lordmatic. Superb case design with pretty radial brushing and imo a value buy despite the plastic wheel.
    I personally didnt switch to the steel wheel as servicing costs more than the watch itself.
    Enjoy your new watch!
    IMG_0818 2.jpg
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  3. S.H. Oct 24, 2022

    I came across movements from 1968 that had a metal star, maybe the plastic one was a later "improvment". I had a SS star fitted to replace a broken one, I had to modify it so that it could actually do its job: next time I'll make one myself in brass, it will save me some time, and money.
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