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Seiko Limited Edtion, Prospex 140th (SPB213)

  1. Taddyangle Convicted Invicta Wearer Jul 8, 2021

    I never thought I would ever post in a Seiko thread, but here I am in after 9 years on this wonderful website. While I am still a HUGE Speedmaster fan, I will be honest to say that the pricing for Speedmasters are so strong, that I started looking at Seiko watches about a year ago. These are truly the best value in watches, in my opinion.

    A friend from San Diego is a watch seller for Seiko, as well as a collector ( and he was able to get this watch for me after I shared an IG post in an IG watch chat group a couple months back.

    I love the color of the watch, the blue bezel and white pearl dial work really well together. The size is perfect for my wrist at 40mm. It is not too thick are wears well for me. The bracelet is okay, better that some other Seiko bracelets I have, but a little bottom heavy and thick on the clasp. I have been mainly wearing the Ploprof, so this is a very welcome and complimentary watch to my collection. And on it being a Limited Edition, Seiko took the Omega LE playbook and made 6,000 of these.



  2. Lurk41 Jul 9, 2021

    I just received its sister today: SPB239. If Seiko did not created it, I may have bought a SPB213 instead :thumbsup:
    Too many LE (not only from Seiko...) but they are nice. It makes it difficult to really complain about it