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  1. BradleyJ. May 1, 2021

    I just got in today a Seiko 7548. Condition is damn good visually but if I can find somewhere to send it I'll have the watch serviced with a new battery, seals and have it pressure tested. I regret selling my daily quartz (Seamaster) and when this came up with a serial # of November 1982 (year and month I was born) I had to grab it. The rubber strap it came on looks original to the watch but its worn, hardened and probably would crack without much effort. I ordered a genuine seiko jubilee which came in today as well to get me by till I find the perfect strap/bracelet. Didn't think I'd love the jubilee and I don't unfortunately haha. I'm picky on bracelets. I like plain without too much jazz and I absolutely despise safety clasps or whatever they are called with the fold over bar. This one will be filling the spot of my work watch and giving my SM300 watchco a break from the daily grind.
    20210501_123829.jpg 20210501_124114.jpg 20210501_141501.jpg
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