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  1. Melhadary May 3, 2013

    Sharing with you a piece which I was very intrigued with and finally verified after quite a bit of research! Would love your comments!

    Omega Seamaster 167.070, cal. 551, with original BOR bracelet 1037 end links 570

    167.070 -2.jpg

    Mazen 167.070 Case Back.jpg

    Was quite intrigued by the presence of the cal. 551 chronometer movement (mainly a Connie movement) in this Geneve style case

    Mazen 167.070 Mvt1.jpg

    Mazen 167.070 Mvt2.jpg

    And after a bit of reading into the topic, I came by an article in Klassic Uhren magazine, discovered that Omega did place these movements in Geneve SS cases, but did then factory replace the dials to Seamaster dials, I believe since Geneve chronometers were only meant to be in gold cases.

    Mazen 167.070_1.jpg

    Mazen 167.070_2.jpg

    So when I referred back to the archives, it was confirmed that this movement did belong to this case:


    And with John Diethelm's confirmation in the magazine article, the dial was most probably factory replaced, giving us this beauty.

    167.070 -1.jpg

    Please do share thoughts, negations or confirmations :)
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  2. ulackfocus May 3, 2013

    Don't see that combination very often.
  3. Alpenschneerot May 3, 2013

    Hi Melhadary and Dennis.
    Here is the story of your" Seamaster Chronometer":
    The watches of the reference 165.070 were originally Geneve Chronometers with cal.551. They were delivered to the United States, also to european countries(z.B. Germany).
    When they were send later to Omega for service, the people in Bienne changed the dial and the watch came back with the name Seamaster instead of Geneve. The reason was, that Omega could use the name Geneve only for gold watches produced in Geneve town!
    For further details, please read the essay of Michael Mehltretter in Klassik Uhren/Seamaster Chronometer Teil 1 und 2 und Leserbriefe.
  4. Melhadary May 3, 2013

    Many thanks Alpenschneerot for verifying this! The article you mentioned is the one I referred to earlier, but I have to say, Google Translate is not that precise, and that was exactly the point that didn't translate very clearly, the reason why Bienne changed the dials.

    Glad you clarified that for us :thumbsup: