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Roger Dubuis Sympathie- HELP springbars

  1. Jrowatches Sep 11, 2022

    I love my RD Sympathie but broke 2 screws when I was trying to change the strap.
    Would anyone knows where I can find screws and springbars for that model please?
    My AD has some but at crazy prices...


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  2. Evitzee Sep 11, 2022

    As you know there is a threaded tube inside the strap which is secured by two, 18k gold screws on the outside surface of the lugs, so no springbar. I broke a screw off my Sympathie chrono about six years ago. There is no real alternative to the factory supplied items. A talented goldsmith could probably fabricate a new screw and tube, but that won't be cheap. And the tube may or may not be extractable from the strap. If you broke the screw off inside the tube you'll need a new tube which is part of the strap. My AD friend in Aruba comped me a new strap and a new screw, but it took a long time. If your AD has what you need you may have to deal with him. Yes, it will be expensive. Lesson learned,; be extremely careful changing straps on a Roger Dubuis with this design.
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