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  1. JuanJuan

    JuanJuan Feb 20, 2014

    Hi all of you Omega experts!

    This is my first post on this forum.
    I own an old watch Omega 33.3 CHRO somewhat damaged ...

    1: Post Quality Pictures
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2: What Can You Tell Us?

    I sent it to Bienne for a restoration quote...
    • Lubrication is dry,
    • The presence of impurities in the movement
    • The present movement has traces of moisture infiltration
    • The watch requires a complete maintenance service
    • The dial is damaged
    • The dial Zapon is damaged
    • The dial is stained
    • Replacement / restoration of the dial is essential
    • This model does not have a waterproof construction
    • The bottom is scratched
    • The bottom is damaged
    • The bezel shows signs of wear
    • This model is designed with a glass hesalite
    • Replacing the glass is essential.

    3: How Can We Help You?
    Do I need to tell you that I have been impressed by the amount of the quote... (approx 5K€)

    Could you give me an opinion on this, & any advice that could help me on deciding what to do would be highly appreciated!

  2. Darlinboy

    Darlinboy Pratts! Will I B******S!!! Feb 20, 2014

    That's quite a large sum - I suspect that when completed, the watch would still be worth less than cost. Many would keep the patina and just restore it to working order. Hard to tell condition from the picture you've posted.

    If it doesn't have family/sentimental value, I personally wouldn't do it. Others may be able to recommend a more reasonable option for full or partial restoration, should you choose to go that route. .
  3. watchyouwant

    watchyouwant ΩF Clairvoyant Feb 20, 2014

    be happy with what you have here. have a complete service with any good watchmaker; maybe an older person. this is a lemania 15 TL base caliber. parts are scarce, but not impossible.that should be around $ 500 max. my mil. watchmaker in sydney serviced 100`s of these over the years. lemania mil. chronos from the 50`s. do nothing to the dial. if you must, apply one protective layer of clear matte` varnish. if you do not know, how to do it, send us your dial and we do it. new crystal and you should be around $ 800 out of pocket with a beauty on your wrist. kind regards. achim
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  4. JuanJuan

    JuanJuan Feb 21, 2014

    OK I'll ask to have my watch back...
    I'll have to find a watchmaker in Paris to have this sorted out.

    Thx to all!