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Repair suggestions for an Omega chrono-quartz with broken contact

  1. HairspringHarry

    HairspringHarry Nov 8, 2019

    Hi guys
    I have an Omega chrono-quartz 'albatross'. When I got it it was fine, then I sold it and before posting I double checked the functions to find that the bottom.chrono reset button does not work (guessing its been badly handled when i was not in the shop. Watchmaker had a look and says the contact for the pusher is snapped and needs resoldering on.

    Any one know who can do this as it's more a micro electronics job than a traditional horologist one

    Maybe a specialist in phone repair or something?

    Obviously i want to avoid sending back to Omega for cost reasons.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Pics attached