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Omega Stories: The 37mm Jumbo Constellation 168.001

  1. dsio Ash @ ΩF Staff Member Dec 8, 2022


    The Reference 168.001 shares a lot of features with other Japanese market Constellations, such as a non-luminous dial, minimal options in terms of dials, materials, and an enlarged size. It was however sold more widely than that, in several countries in the South-East Asian region, as well as in small numbers around the world.

    At 37 mm in diameter, and featuring that classical Constellation shape with elegant, curved lugs and a pronounced bezel, this watch takes the best of 1950's Omega case design and managed to improve upon it. In spite of this, these watches don't carry excessive price tags and aren't fought over by collectors nearly as much as many other references. [..]

    Visit The 37mm Jumbo Constellation 168.001 to read the full article.
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  2. iamvr Dec 9, 2022

    Thanks for the great article, Ash. Once I read Desmond's article on the 168.001 I wanted one and started to hunt in Japan as you suggested. I was fortunate to find one in good condition soon enough. However, once I had it I rarely wore it given the date feature. Sold it to a kind member here. But kinda regret it now :unsure:.
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