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OHPF Omega Stainless Steel Beads of Rice Bracelet 18mm 70 end links

  1. Vanallard Feb 24, 2023

    This bracelet came with a watch I bought from a fellow OF member about a year ago. I haven’t used it so figured I’d check to see if anyone else needs it.

    Let me know if you require any additional photos.

    18mm end links

    #70 end links

    Price: $200 USD plus shipping from Canada.
    4384014D-ABB0-4B14-B661-0CE054C9F0AD.jpeg 6F24E69E-0699-4922-BFD4-76DE4D36D74A.jpeg 89741000-8C5E-43C1-92BC-9C2B45574E30.jpeg 46848B36-92F8-4A50-9EB2-3F367F34B3D0.jpeg 20B7D5FC-3D4E-4AEB-A829-80B869D9E401.jpeg B7FF7790-77F9-41A1-A378-39FBE90266A5.jpeg
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