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SOLD Omega Speedmaster with Moon phase full set in very good condition price 4200 Euro

  1. ApolloXVII Jun 17, 2022


    I have for sale a watch which i consider is one of the best looking watch from Omega. The watch is in like new condition. I only wear it to a few special occasion. I do not know the service history of the watch, i am not the first owner and personally never service it but the watch keep excellent time and all the functions works as it should. No defect to describe but if any members of the forum spot a defect please point it out because i do not want to hide defects.
    The watch it's full set with box cards.
    I am asking 4200 Euro paid by PayPal. I will support the fees and free shipping worldwide.
    Here are the pictures..

    Thank you OF.

    DSC_1750.JPG DSC_1751.JPG DSC_1752.JPG DSC_1753.JPG DSC_1754.JPG DSC_1755.JPG DSC_1756.JPG DSC_1759.JPG DSC_1760.JPG DSC_1761.JPG
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