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  1. LaCordobesa985

    LaCordobesa985 Dec 4, 2019

    Good evening,
    I have the opportunity to buy a Speedmaster Teutonic in pretty good conditions, the price could be pretty fair.
    What do you think about this specific model? It is caliber 861. Is it worth collecting as one of the few good watches to have? I already own a Speedsonic bought by my father in the 70s. Here you have the photos of the watch I would like to buy, the price is about 2000 dollars.
    Please let me know what you think.
    78719126_2532269693723985_4236278805578121216_o.jpg 78839960_2532269790390642_4554602621708533760_o.jpg
  2. Andy K

    Andy K Dreaming about winning an OFfie one day. Dec 4, 2019

    I personally like the Teutonic case shape, they look even better in person. Is it worth collecting? That's up to you. There's not a huge demand for these AFAIK.
    The dial is in pretty bad shape. I honestly don't know if $2,000 is a good price for one of these or not but I would skip that dial at any price.