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SOLD Omega Speedmaster MkV "TV dial" 176.0014 - Omega extract/1yr warranty

  1. Scepticalist

    Scepticalist Feb 9, 2020

    Along with my Speedmaster Moonwatch daily wearer, I have a small collection of vintage pieces from my favourite 70s period, but now I'm planning for retirement and for various reasons it's time to move them on.

    First up is the piece I had the most trouble locating - a Speedmaster MkV "TV dial"

    For full details on the various Speedmaster models and this in particular, probably the best source is chronomaddox:'TV Dial'

    Very briefly, this model was not produced in any great number and most seem to have been supplied via South America, however they run the Omega caliber 1045 which is essentially a Lemania 5100 movement used widely in the period, thus all mechanical parts are still available.

    This example is overall in very good condition.

    Original dial with fabulous sunburst finish showing slate grey (or slightly blue depending on the light). The immaculate dial I'd suspect is Tritium as there is no marker glow and the markers are starting to yellow nicely. this is the most important aspect of these models as this is a unique dial to this model and they are no longer available from Omega as service replacement.

    Main hands I think have more or less definitely luminova replacements as they have a faint glow in the dark. Subdial and chronograph hands I'm unsure about but they are correct for the model afaik.

    Two bracelets are supplied:
    (a) The original "Holzer" bracelet manufactured and supplied in Mexico - these alone are in fairly high demand and worth a good deal should you wish to sell. It does require specialist attention though as one of the links securing it to the watch has a bent pin - I'd assume it was seized in the end piece and bent when someone tried to remove it from the watch. This issue is however likely easily fixed by a good watchmaker with a replacement pin and would return the watch to "original" condition.
    (b) Currently fitted to the watch is the alternative bracelet option which was also supplied with this model in this period - the "bar" bracelet. This is a much newer bracelet and I believe was supplied recently by Omega due to the above issues removing the Holzer item. Many people prefer this bracelet to the "arm hair catcher" type! I'm ambivalent but since I never got around to having the Holzer repaired I've used this one. It is in "almost-new" condition as you would expect.

    All functions correct - chronograph, day/date and 24hr day/night indicator. Original Spanish day wheel, but English day wheels are still available if required and can be replaced at service.

    An extract of the Omega archives verifying movement number authenticity is included - see photo

    The watch was serviced by Omega in Bienne before I purchased it, however I wasn't happy with the power reserve so I arranged for it to go back again this time last year. Thus it has a renewed 2yr warranty of which 1yr remains - see the applicable photos.

    It stands me in way more, but I'd like to see £2000 by BT or PP gift please plus delivery at cost. If I'm way out on valuation please let me know but any I can find seem to be advertised for more than this generally.

    Reference-wise, I have purchased here from in the past and can supply seller name on request with the seller's agreement, I have a track record on TZ-UK forums. I am happy to supply my eBayID on request. No returns unless not as described.


    20200208_162215.jpg 20200208_162502.jpg 20200208_162548.jpg 20200208_162601.jpg 20200208_162629.jpg 20200208_162736.jpg 20200208_163100.jpg 20200208_163107.jpg 20200208_163157.jpg 20200208_163301.jpg 20200208_163308.jpg 20200208_163431.jpg
    Edited Feb 14, 2020
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  2. Scepticalist

    Scepticalist Feb 14, 2020

    Additional image as requested of pin issue with bracelet end link - as can be seen, the pin does not insert fully into the link end as it is bent.

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  3. Scepticalist

    Scepticalist Feb 17, 2020

    Bump for the new week. have to say I'm surprised it's still here - they don't come up often and are well liked.