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  1. Artos Dec 4, 2022

    Good day
    When my deceased uncle dissolved the household, this Omega Speedmaster treasure came to light.
    Unfortunately, my wristwatch knowledge is very limited, which is why I have fought my way through all the different Speedmasters the last few days and tried to acquire a basic knowledge online.
    But I would be very grateful if you could check my assumptions and support me with your sound knowledge.

    I repair old pocket watches as a hobby and was therefore able to open the Omega without problems to get the type information.

    Omega Speedmaster
    Production Date: May 1961
    No. 17764412 Type: CK2998-4 (Caliber 321)
    Bracelet: Type 1171/633

    The movement looks original to me, also the bridges are symmetrical, as a 2998 must have.
    The Omega logo is correctly "attached" to the dial
    But I have problems with the bezel.

    Since I am almost sure that this was replaced with a bezel of recent date??
    It's a 500 but the 90 point is next to the 90 and I thought it should be at the top of the number?
    In addition, "TACHYMETRE" is written without "é".
    SWISS MADE are written with a wide "T" and are hardly visible (dial is a bit too low?)
    The hour/minute hands also look different, maybe badly replaced??

    All in all, I think it's a wonderful old Speedmaster that has unfortunately been badly revised with newer parts like bezel and hands. Or am I totally wrong with my little knowledge?
    Please help me to solve this mystery so that I can decide whether this watch is worth revising or in the best case maybe even a sought-after and rare Speedmaster model?

    Thank you very much for your help
    If you need more detailed photos, just let us know

    Best regards
    Omega Speedmaster.jpg IMG_2738.jpg IMG_2733.jpg IMG_2729.jpg IMG_2728.jpg IMG_2726.jpg IMG_2725.jpg IMG_2724.jpg IMG_2723.jpg Krone.jpg
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  2. YY77 Dec 4, 2022

    Willkommen, vielleicht möchten Sie Google Translate verwenden, um Ihre Fragen auf Englisch zu stellen, da dies ein internationales Forum ist.
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  3. Artos Dec 4, 2022

    Thanks for the tip. I was assumed that everyone`s text would be automatically translated into their languages :)
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  4. Arancio601 Dec 4, 2022

    I’m still a beginner with these too so don’t take my observations as truth. An expert will weigh in soon I reckon, but I think the dial is from a 105.003 (63-66ish?) as the 2998’s didn’t have the T’s next to Swiss Made. I don’t think crown is correct, bezel is definitely newer, bracelet and endlinks are from a newer watch. Movement looks to be in the correct serial range.
    Overall a very wearable watch.
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