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WITHDRAWN Omega Ploprof 166.077

  1. brownwld Mar 27, 2022


    There is a chance of buying my dream watch, to fund that I am selling the legendary Omega Ploprof 166.077.

    I bought this Ploprof in Austria in June 2021. The dial, hands and lunette are original (most vintage Ploprofs offered today have service parts, Sadly Omega services used to change dials, hands, lunettes... for service parts when servicing. There aren't many pieces around with original components (or the dials, lunettes are in a rather sorry state).

    Case - "U shape". Historically it has been brushed, but it's done subtly.
    Lunette - B1. The lunette is in great condition with no cracks or scratches.
    Dial - D3. The photos show blisters. This is common for these dials. The blisters are not from moisture, it's the heavier pigment used for the dials.
    Hands - original.
    Mesh - this is an original but service Omega Ploprof mesh.
    Movement - original movement, this is proven by the attached Extract of the Archives. It is estimated that around 60% of the movements in Ploprofs have been replaced during servicing. It is therefore quite rare to come across a piece in good condition that also has the original cal. 1002.


    The watch was made on 1.12.1971 (it recently celebrated 50 years) and was sold in Germany. EoA is a must for old Ploprofs (the same as for vintage Speedmasters) in my opinion.

    After buying I took the Ploprof immediately to Onyx (They are Authorised Omega service), where a thorough service was carried out (complete overhaul of the movement, resealing...). The watch is therefore in perfect technical condition and with no investment required in the upcoming future.



    For studying Ploprofs I recommend this website. For me it is probably the best source of information on Ploprofs. The Omega Ploprof book from 2008 is now outdated and contains some misinformation that has surfaced in the meantime.

    The watch itself comes with a mesh, black rubber, wooden box and Omega instructions in German (unoriginal) + of course the service papers and Extract of the Archives.

    Price: 7,990 EUR

    I strongly prefer selling within EU. Shipping methods to be discussed. Ideal would be F2F in Germany/Austria/Czech republic.

    I have just one one reference here on OF. I can provide more from WUS/

    I will leave the advert here until the piece I am interested in sells.

    I hope I have described everything, I can't think of much more at the moment. I'll be happy to answer any requests (more photos or videos) or questions via PM.

    Thanks and now comes the pictures.







  2. brownwld Apr 2, 2022

    The watch I wanted got sold. I am keeping my Ploprof.